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Accessing grammar in senior secondary English

Jean Mulder, Caroline Thomas
Dr Jean Mulder is Senior Lecturer in Linguistics at the University of Melbourne. Ms Caroline Thomas has been teaching English and ESL for over thirty years. Both authors have been actively involved with the development and implementation of VCE English Language since its inception.

This paper argues that an educationally meaningful approach to the teaching and learning of grammar within English involves incorporating both a diverse range of knowledge and awareness about language and contextualising it within actual language use and real-world texts. In rethinking approaches to grammar, the authors contend that it is important not to 'chuck out' present teaching approaches with their emphasis on language as communication, but to combine the explicit teaching of grammar with the study of language, and to ensure that each grammatical concept is introduced within the context of a particular aspect of language use.


Subject Headings

Educational planning
Educational evaluation
Education policy
Victorian Certificate of Education
English language teaching