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Supporting science and mathematics education in Victoria

Soula Bennett
Director, Quantum Victoria and President, Science Teachers Association Of Victoria. Email bennett.artemisia.s@edumail.vic.gov.au

To meet the challenges of the 21st Century, Australia requires high levels of literacy in science and mathematics throughout the community, and a workforce skilled in science, mathematics and technology. Quantum Victoria is part of the Victorian Government's plans to equip the state for these challenges. It is a statewide facility seeking to improve Victorian students' outcomes in science and mathematics, providing students with access to innovative and engaging programs, which involve deep and complex investigations. It offers ways for students to learn research methodologies, and investigative science and mathematics, through emerging technologies. It also offers innovative forms of teacher professional learning, to help educators keep abreast of the latest in scientific research and practice in the physical sciences and associated pedagogical contents knowledge, with particular reference to the middle years.

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Education policy
Curriculum planning
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Technology teaching
Science teaching
Science literacy
Mathematics teaching