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The influence of peer group response: building teacher and student expertise in the writing classroom

Stephanie Dix, Gail Cawkwell
Stephanie Dix and Gail Cawkwell are senior lecturers in arts and language education at the University of Wakaito

In 2010–11 a small-scale New Zealand research project explored ways to develop teachers' skills, and the sense of their own efficacy, as writing instructors. The project involved six teachers from four secondary schools, eight teachers from four primary schools, and four academic researchers. The project was centred on a writing workshop: a five-day, intensive experience designed to establish a community of practice as a means to develop teachers as writers and to cultivate teachers' self-efficacy, or belief in their own effectiveness, as teachers of writing. This article describes one case study of one primary teacher. It relates her personal experiences of peer group response in the writing workshop and how she in turn implemented this approach in her own classroom.

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Primary education
Professional development
New Zealand