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Mentoring a preservice teacher to develop reflective practice

Tracey Sempowicz, Peter Hudson

Government reports on teaching and teacher education emphasise the need for continuous critical reflection on teaching practices by preservice teachers as well as practicing teachers. While universities have a responsibility to provide explicit instruction in critical reflection, preservice teachers also require guidance by experienced teachers. This article reports on a case study of an experienced teacher mentor and her preservice teacher during a practicum experience. The preservice teacher, Amy, was in her second year of a Bachelor of Education Primary degree at a satellite campus of a large Australian university. The study focused on her first field experience, with a year 2 class at a school situated in a low socio-economic area of Queensland. Amy's mentor, Gina, had 20 years teaching experience in seven different primary schools. The study showed how a mentor who models reflective practices to a mentee and facilitates opportunities for the mentee's reflections is likely to influence the mentee's pedagogical development.


Subject Headings

Teacher training
Teaching and learning