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Aboriginal Girls Circle

Brenda Dobia
Senior Lecturer, School of Education, University of Western Sydney

Aboriginal youth are often exposed to multiple risk factors, which impact significantly on their wellbeing and on their engagement at school. While a number of programs have sought to address issues faced by Aboriginal boys, interventions for girls are less common. The Aboriginal Girls Circle (AGC) was designed to increase social connection, participation and self-confidence among young Aboriginal women attending secondary schools. Since 2010 a pilot version of the intervention has been in progress at Dubbo College, NSW. The article outlines the work of the AGC, before describing some details of research into the effectiveness of the intervention. The research indicates that the AGC was very well received within the school and the local community. It was found to have developed resilience, connectedness, self-concept, and cultural identity among the majority of girls who participated.


Subject Headings

Aboriginal students
Girls' education
Student engagement