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An evaluation of the impact of 1:1 laptops on student attainment in senior high school sciences

Simon Crook
PhD Candidate, Physics Education Research, The University of Sydney

While there is a lot of research linking the use of technology to increased engagement and motivation in schools, there is a relative paucity of studies examining the links between ICT and student attainment, particularly in Australia. One opportunity to study these links was provided by the Australian Government’s Digital Education Revolution, an initiative operating 2008-2013 which aimed to provide laptops for 1:1, individual use by high school students in years 9-12. A longitudinal study has been examining how the introduction of 1:1 laptops has impacted on student attainment in the sciences, across 16 comprehensive, systemic Catholic secondary schools in southwest and south Sydney from 2010 to 2014. The experience of being schooled with 1:1 laptops was found to have a statistically significant and positive correlation with student attainment, after controlling for all other variables.


Subject Headings

Senior secondary education
Mobile devices