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Computational thinking as the ‘new literacy’: professional development opportunities

Katrina Falkner
Associate Professor Katrina Falkner is based at the School of Computer Science, University of Adelaide. Katrina.falkner@adelaide.edu.au

A decade ago, ICT education generally focused on ICT as a tool, to be understood through the development of digital literacy. Areas such as Computer Science or computational thinking were typically isolated into senior secondary programs, with a focus on programming and algorithm development, when they were considered at all. More recently, a drive to include computing in the school curriculum has arisen, proposing that all children should have an opportunity to develop computational thinking skills and have opportunities to be creators of digital technologies. One move to address that need was the CSER Digital Technologies MOOC: an open, online course to support Foundation-year 6 teachers in the new Digital Technologies learning area. A second CSER MOOC is now available. It is designed to support teachers of Years 7 and 8, and takes a more project-based approach.


Subject Headings

Computer coding
Computers in society
Teaching and learning
Professional development
Tertiary education