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Underpinning prosperity: our agenda in education, science and training

Brendan Nelson
Australian Government Minister for Education, Science and Training
The key priority in schools is to raise the quality, professionalism and status of our teachers. Teaching quality accounts for up to 60% of the variation in learning outcomes. Despite this, there are structural problems with enhancing teaching quality. Teachers are poorly organised professionally, there are doubts over the quality and adequacy of university education faculties, and teacher salary structures are outdated and lacking in flexibility. Any profession must have the ability to train, recognise and reward its best and brightest performers. The Australian Government is determined to tackle these challenges. (Curriculum Leadership publishes an extract from a recent speech by Dr Brendan Nelson, the Australian Government Minister for Education, Science and Training.)

Subject Headings

VET (Vocational Education and Training)
Transitions in schooling
Tertiary education
Teaching profession
Teacher training
Teacher evaluation
Lifelong Learning
Educational evaluation
Education policy
Education philosophy
Education finance
Education and state
Education aims and objectives
Economic trends
Aboriginal students