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Tables of contents

School Effectiveness and School Improvement

Volume 16 Number 4, December 2005

Special issue: Effective school improvement


Effective school improvement: An introduction 

Felicity Wikeley, Javier Murillo


Linking school effectiveness and school improvement: The background and outline of the project 

Bert PM Creemers, Gerry J Reezigt


The theoretical basis of the effective school improvement (ESI) model 

Japp Scheerens, Marc Demeuse


Evaluating effective school improvement: Case studies of programs in eight European countries and their contribution to the effective school improvement model 

Felicity Wikeley, Louise Stroll, Javier Murillo, Rob De Jong


A comprehensive framework for effective school improvement 

Gerry J Reezigt, Bert PM Creemers


The changes that count in securing school improvement 

Mervyn Flecknoe


Class and schools: Using social, economic and educational reform to close the black–white achievement gap 

Dianne L Taylor



Subject Headings

Educational evaluation

New Zealand Journal of Teachers Work

Volume 2 Number 1,  2005

The truth about teachers' work 

John O'Neill, Paul Adams




Graduation address 

Ivan Snook


The poor kids!  

Susan St John, Janfrie Wakim


'There can be no contentment but in proceeding'

David McKenzie


Research critiques


Being a critical consumer of research is important: Consider the political spin and shortcomings of NZCER's Competent Children study for example 

Gillian Croad, Sarah Farquhar


Professional development and student achievement gains: A look at the Te Kõtahitanga Report 

Roy Nash


The privatisation of education: QPEC factfiles 

John Minto


The perceptions of teacher education in relation to the teaching practicum 

Peter Lind


Developing praxis for a few non-English speaking background students in the class 

Penny Howarth


The 'PM readers' versus 'Ready to read' stories as instructional reading texts: Some comparative analysis 

Keith Greaney


Teacher reflection


Scaffolding Alex: Actively supporting young children in the visual arts 

Lisa Terreni


Helping teachers develop formative assessment strategies 

Stephanie Geddes


Book review


Weaving Te Whäriki: Aotearoa New Zealand's early childhood curriculum document in theory and practice 

Cushla Scrivens



Subject Headings

Teaching and learning
Teaching profession
New Zealand

The Elementary School Journal

Volume 106 Number 2, November 2005


James Griffith


Parental involvement: Model revision through scale development 

Joan MT Walker, Andrew S Wilkins, James R Dallaire, Howard M Sandler, Kathleen V Hoover-Dempsey


Why do parents become involved? Research findings and implications 

Kathleen V Hoover-Dempsey, Joan MT Walker, Howard M Sandler, Darlene Whetsel, Christa L Green, Andrew S Wilkins, Kristen Closson


Families, schools and summer learning 

Geoffrey D Borman, James Benson, Laura T Overman


A case study of the Partnership Schools Comprehensive School Reform (CSR) model 

Joyce L Epstein


Testing a structural equation model of partnership program implementation and parent involvement 

Steven B Sheldon



Subject Headings

Education - parent participation
Primary education

Journal of Vocational Education and Training

Volume 57 Number 4, January 2006

Theme: The state of skills in post-apartheid South Africa

Guest editors: Andre Kraak, Andrew Paterson



The challenge of the 'second economy' in South Africa: The contribution of skills development 

Andre Kraak


The state of the labour market in South Africa after the first decade of democracy 

Rulof Burger, Ingrid Woolard


Uneven South African private enterprise training: The national skills survey of 2003 

Andrew Paterson, Jacques L du Toit


Skills development in South Africa's very small and micro enterprise sector 

Simon McGrath, Johan Martins, Jocelyn Smith, Fahmida Cachalia, Kevin Kane


Public sector training: A 'blind' spot in the 1999 South African national levy-grant policy 

Andrew Paterson


Perspectives on learnerships: A critique of South Africa's transformation of apprenticeships 

Matthew J Smith, Ross Jennings, Geetesh Solanki


A critical evaluation of training within the South African national public works programme 

Anna McCord



Subject Headings

South Africa
Teacher training

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