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Tables of contents

Educational Review

Volume 58 Number 3, August 2006

Challenges facing educational research (Educational Review Guest Lecture 2005)

Andrew Pollard


Pulling us apart? Relativism and instrumentalism in contemporary educational research

David Hartley


Education and sustainable development: a political analysis

Stephen Gough, William Scott


Dilemmas in the formation of student identity in offshore higher education: a case study in Hong Kong

Anne Chapman, David Pyvis


Understanding teacher–parent relationships for improving pre-primary schools in Cyprus

Panayiotis Angelides, Louiza Theophanous, James Leigh


Household perspectives on school attendance in rural Tibet

Gerard Postiglione, Ben Jiao, Sonam Gyatso


Differential teacher attention to boys and girls in the classroom

Robyn Beaman, Kevin Wheldall, Coral Kemp


Book reviews 367

Subject Headings


Teacher Development

Volume 10 Number 2, July 2006
Editorial 145

Learning to learn: teacher research in the Zone of Proximal Development

Elaine Hall, David Leat, Kate Wall, Steve Higgins, Gail Edwards


Safety net or free fall: the impact of cooperating teachers

Stacey Duffield


‘The confidence I needed’: elementary education majors' perceptions of teaching physical education

Charlotte Humphries, Madge Ashy


Incorporating pupil perspectives in initial teacher education – lessons from the Pupil Mentoring Project

Bernadette Youens, Christine Hall


New lecturer development programmes: a case study of Scottish higher education institutions

Veronica Bamber, Lorraine Walsh, Charles Juwah, David Ross


Non-native English language teachers’ perspective on culture in English as a Foreign Language classrooms

Yasemin Bayyurt


Starting school – why girls are already ahead of boys

Joan M Whitehead



Subject Headings

Professional development
Teacher training

Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership

Volume 9 Number 2, June 2006

Striving for mutual collaboration: the case of Mountain University and the Westside

Pete Miller


The technology balance beam

Eddie K Coulson


The mold that almost ate the Principal

Wayne Barry, Chuck Bishop, Jennifer Byars


The Plains city story

Marcela van Olphen, Francisco Rios, William Berube, Robin Dexter, Robert McCarthy


The Bayou high school blues

David L Stader



Subject Headings

School principals
School leadership
School administration

Boosting Science Learning – What will it take?

Keynote addresses


Towards a science education for all: The role of ideas, evidence and argument

Professor Jonathan Osborne, King's College London

The community's contribution to science learning: Making it count

Professor Leonie Rennie, Curtin University of Technology

Boosting science learning through the design of curriculum materials

Dr Rodger Bybee, US Biological Sciences Curriculum Study

Concurrent papers


No wonder the kids are confused: The relevance of science education to science

Dr Deborah Corrigan, Monash University

Rethinking science education through rethinking schooling

Associate Professor Jim Davies, Australian Science and Mathematics School

Inquiry in science classrooms – rhetoric or reality?

Professor Dennis Goodrum, University of Canberra

Addressing the looming crisis in the supply of suitably qualified teachers

Dr Kerri-Lee Harris, University of Melbourne

How can professional standards improve the quality of teaching and learning science?

Dr Lawrence Ingvarson, Australian Council for Educational Research and Ms Anne Sempel

What science do students want to learn? What do students know about science?

Associate Professor Barry McCrae, Australian Council for Educational Research

Boosting science learning – what will it take?

Professor Russell Tytler and Adjunct Professor David Symington, Deakin University

Research and boosting science learning: Diagnosis and potential solutions

Adjunct Professor Peter Fensham, Queensland University of Technology

Primary Connections: a new approach to primary science and to teacher professional learning

Professor Mark Hackling, Edith Cowan University

Creating powerful teacher education opportunities: The need for risk, relevance, resource, recognition, readiness and reflection

Dr Susan Rodrigues, University of Dundee, Scotland

Science achievement in Australia: Evidence from national and international surveys

Dr Sue Thomson, Australian Council for Educational Research

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Science teaching