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Tables of contents

International Journal of Disability, Development and Education

Volume 53 Number 3, September 2006

Adulthood, ageing and those with a disability: starting early with education

Christa van Kraayenoord


Classrooms for children with developmental disabilities: sound-field and public address amplification systems compared

Stanley W H Leung, Bradley McPherson


Enhancing phonological awareness and letter knowledge in preschool children with down syndrome

Anne K van Bysterveldt, Gail T Gillon, Catherine Moran


Functional assessment to predict capacity for work in a population of school-leavers with disabilities

Kathy Eagar, Janette Green, Robert Gordon, Alan Owen, Malcolm Masso, Kathryn Williams


Inclusive education in India: international concept, national interpretation

Nidhi Singal


Book review 371

Subject Headings

Child development

AACE Journal: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education

Volume 14 Number 3,  2006

Technology integration: do they or don't they? A self-report survey from preK through 5th grade professional educators

Donna Fletcher

Theory into practice: a bridge too far?

Joseph Defazio

Mistaking computers for technology: technology literacy and the digital divide

Tel Amiel

Web-based documentation system for dynamic roadmaps

Sajid Hassan, Ahsan Chishti, Chandran Elamvazuthi

Environments for change in a faculty of arts: the impact of teaching off campus

Geraldine Lefoe, Rebecca Albury

Critical fusion: technology and equity in secondary education

Peter Magolda

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Computer-based training
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Journal of Teacher Education

Volume 57 Number 4, September 2006

Too little or too much: teacher preparation and the first years of teaching

Dan Liston, Jennie Whitcomb, Hilda Borko


Investigating early career urban teachers' perspectives on and experiences in professional development

Lauren Anderson, Brad Olsen


The role of context in learning to teach writing: what teacher educators need to know to support beginning urban teachers

Laura S Pardo


Effective teaching/effective urban teaching: grappling with definitions, grappling with difference

Dyan Watson, Megin Charner-Laird, Cheryl L Kirkpatrick, Stacy Agee Szczesiul, Pamela J Gordon


How well do 1st-year teachers teach: does type of preparation make a difference?

Thomas L Good, Mary McCaslin, Henry Y Tsang, Jizhi Zhang, Caroline R H Wiley, Amanda Rabidue Bozack, Waverely Hester


Choosing teaching (again and again and again)

Karen M Hammerness



Subject Headings

Teacher training

Environmental Education Research

Volume 12 Number 3-4,  2006

Special issue: researching education and the environment: retrospect and prospect


Researching education and the environment: an introduction 239

Environment and education: a view of a changing scene

John C Smyth


Education for sustainability as a frame of mind

Michael Bonnett


Tensions and transitions in policy discourse: recontextualizing a decontextualized EE/ESD debate

Robert B Stevenson


Environmental education: a field in tension or in transition?

Edgar J González-Gaudiano


Nature’s nature: ideas of nature in curricula for environmental education

Henry St Maurice


Women and nature: using memory-work to rethink our relationship to the natural world

Judith S Kaufman, Margaret S Ewing, Adrienne E Hyle, Diane Montgomery, Patricia A Self


Language and meaning in environmental education: an overview

Andrew Stables


Locating the environmental in environmental education research: what research—and why?

Stephen Gough


Locating the environmental in environmental education research: a review of research on nature’s nature, its inscription in language and recent memory work on relating to the natural world

Rob O’Donoghue


Research methods to investigate significant life experiences: review and recommendations

Louise Chawla


Environmental education researchers as environmental activists

Karen Malone


Doing research in environmental education: touchstone theory and shaking things up

Kim Walker


Working across and with methodological difference in environmental education research

Constance L Russell


Students as catalysts of environmental change: a framework for researching intergenerational influence through environmental education

Roy Ballantyne, Sharon Connell, John Fien


The effects of environment]based education on students’ critical thinking skills and disposition toward critical thinking

Julie (Athman) Ernst, Martha Monroe


Researching and understanding environmental learning: hopes for the next 10 years

Mark Rickinson


Environmental learning: reflections on practice, research and theory

Ronald B Meyers


The action competence approach in environmental education

Bjarne Bruun Jensen, Karsten Schnack


The technics of environmental education

Phillip Payne


Education for the environment: action competence, becoming, and story

M J Barrett

xx[page no]

Action, experience, behaviour and technology: why it’s just not the same?

Julian Agyeman


Empirical–analytical methodological research in environmental education: response to a negative trend in methodological and ideological discussions

Sharon Connell


Requisite variety: the problem with generic guidelines for diverse genres of inquiry

Paul Hart


On the danger of blurring methods, methodologies and ideologies in environmental education research

Justin Dillon, Arjen E J Wals


Methodological reflexivity: towards evolving methodological frameworks through critical and reflexive deliberations

Glenda Raven


Researching education and the environment: retrospect and prospect

Alan Reid, William Scott


Key Learning Areas

Studies of Society and Environment

Subject Headings

Environmental Education

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