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Tables of contents

Learning, Media and Technology

Volume 31 Number 4, December 2006

Special issue: digital games and learning


Digital games in the twenty-first century

Cathlena Martin, Liam Murray


Learning to play in digital games

Caroline Pelletier, Martin Oliver


Using games and simulations for supporting learning

Sara I de Freitas


Mind games, reasoning skills and the primary school curriculum

Rosa Maria Bottino, Michela Ott


An exploration of adolescents’ perceptions of videogame realism

Steven Malliet


Playing the literacy game: a case study in adult education

Maria Kambouri, Siobhán Thomas, Harvey Mellar


Humour in game-based learning

Claire Dormann, Robert Biddle


Book reviews

Teresa Stringer, Sue Thompson, Tony Oliver


Research on learning and media 431

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Educational Policy

Volume 20 Number 5, November 2006

The practice of service-learning in local school-community contexts 

Christopher J Koliba, Erica K Campbell, Carolyn Shapiro


Student reactions to being wrongly informed of failing a high-stakes test: the case of the Minnesota basic standards test 

Dewey G Cornell, Jon A Krosnick, LinChiat Chang


Charter schools, teacher labour market deregulation and teacher quality: evidence from the schools and staffing survey 

Bruce D Baker, Jill L Dickenson



Subject Headings

Education and state
Education policy

Educational Leadership (ASCD)

Volume 64 Number 3, November 2006

NCLB: Taking Stock, Looking Forward


Feature articles


Perspectives: the NCLB issue

Marge Scherer

NCLB: Is there life beyond testing?

Christy Guilfoyle

Highly qualified teachers for all

Linda Darling-Hammond, Barnett Berry

A catch-22 for language learners

Wayne E Wright

Needed: higher standards for accountability

Paul E Barton

A positive agenda for ESEA

Reg Weaver

No more invisible kids

Kati Haycock

What are NCLB’s instructional costs?

Michael B Zellmer, Anthony Frontier, Denise Pheifer

A firsthand look at NCLB

Responses to an email question: how is NCLB affecting you?

Turmoil in the testing industry

Thomas Toch

Assessment around the world 

Iris C Rotberg

The side effects of NCLB 

Gordon Cawelti

How NCLB drives success in urban schools 

Heather Zavadsky

A tale of unintended consequences 

Jennifer Corn

How a strong school faced 'failure'

Loris Likis



All about accountability: phony formative assessments – buyer beware!

W James Popham

Leading to change: preventing 1,000 failures

Douglas Reeves

The principal connection: finding time to talk

Joanne Rooney

Special report: the impact of NCLB

Amy M Azzam, Deborah Perkins-Gough, Naomi Thiers


Subject Headings

United States of America (USA)
School administration
School principals
School leadership

Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education

Volume 34 Number 3, November 2006

Teacher education: politics and practice

David Saltmarsh, Anne McMaugh, Colin Symes, Jennifer Sumsion


Public education, social justice and teacher education

Richard Bates


Fully professionalised teacher education: an Australian study in persistence

Terry Lovat, Julie McLeod


The politics of reform of teachers’ work and the consequences for schools: some implications for teacher education

John Smyth


Changing research contexts in teacher education in Australia: charting new directions

Joce Nuttall, Sally Murray, Terri Seddon, Jane Mitchell


Meeting literacy needs of pre-service cohorts: ethical dilemmas for socially just teacher educators

Lew Zipin, Marie Brennan


Political ideology and social studies curricula in Taiwan

Ya-Chen Su


Book reviews 365

Subject Headings

Pacific region
New Zealand
Professional development
Teacher training

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