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Tables of contents

Journal for Research in Mathematics Education

Volume 38 Number 4, July 2007

The story's the thing

Steve Williams

From intended curriculum to written curriculum: examining the 'voice' of a mathematics textbook

Beth A Herbel-Eisenmann

Schema thematisation: a framework and an example

Laurel Cooley, María Trigueros, Bernadette Baker

Mathematics teachers, reform, and equity: results from the Brazilian National Assessment

Creso Franco, Paola Sztajn and Maria Isabel Ramalho Ortigão

Nondeterminism, decision making, and democracy: the probabilistic connection - A Review of Exploring Probability in School: Challenges for Teaching and Learning

Bharath Sriraman

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Mathematics teaching

Teaching Education

Volume 18 Number 2,  2007

Rethinking initial teacher education for further education teachers: from a standards-led to a knowledge-based approach

Norman Lucas


Professional identity and pedagogical space: Negotiating difference in teacher workplaces

Alex Kostogriz, Eleanor Peeler


Conviction, confrontation, and risk in new teachers' advocating for equity

Steven Z Athanases, Luciana C de Oliveira


Communication and instruction in an online graduate education course

Maria L Fernández


Teaching theory through popular culture texts

James Trier


Using classroom newsletters as a vehicle for examining home-school connections

Deborah Ann Jensen


Book review

Thomas M Philip



Subject Headings

Teacher training
Professional development

Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership

Volume 10 Number 2, June 2007

Room with a view

Kerri S Kearney, Judith K Mathers


King elementary: a new principal plans how to transform a diverse urban school

Kathryn Bell McKenzie, James Joseph Scheurich


Scott O'Neill and Lincoln elementary school: preventing a slide from good to worse

Michael J Salmonowicz


The Odden High School fiasco: examining the intersection of race, class, and values in rural school leadership and policy

Mario S Torres Jr, James Joseph Scheurich


Just thinking, reflecting, and acting in schools: a case of social justice leadership

Diana F Ryan, Susan J Katz



Subject Headings

School administration
School leadership

Journal of Educational Measurement

Volume 44 Number 2, Summer 2007

DIF detection and effect size measures for polytomously scored items 

Seock-Ho Kim, Allan S Cohen, Cigdem Alagoz, Sukwoo Kim


Detecting differential speededness in multistage testing 

Wim J van der Linden, Krista Breithaupt, Siang Chee Chuah, Yanwei Zhang


Generalising in item reponse monitoring 

Derek C Briggs, Mark Wilson


Using kernal equating to assess item order effects on test scores 

Tim Moses, Wen-Ling Yang, Christine Wilson


Book review - Computer-based Testing and the Internet: Issues and Advances editied by D Bartram and R K Hambleton 

Walter Way



Subject Headings


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