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Tables of contents

Mind, Brain and Education

Volume 1 Number 2, June 2007

A first course in mind, brain and education

Peter R Blake, Howard Gardner


A tale of two cases: lessons for education from the study of two boys living with half their brains

Mary Helen Immordino-Yang


Beyond conceptual change: using representations to integrate domain-specific structural models in learning mathematics

Florence Mihaela Singer


Transient and robust knowledge: contextual support and the dynamics of children’s reasoning about density

Gabrielle Rappolt-Schlichtmann, Harriet R Tenenbaum, Margy F Koepke, Kurt W Fischer



Subject Headings

Thought and thinking

Games and Culture: a Journal of Interactive Media

Volume 2 Number 3,  2007

Geek chic: machine aesthetics, digital gaming, and the cultural politics of the case mod

Bart Simon


Challenge everything?: construction play in Will Wright's SIMCITY

Maaike Lauwaert


Strategic simulations and our past: the bias of computer games in the presentation of history

Kevin Schut


Digital game involvement: a conceptual model

Gordon Calleja


Sustainable play: toward a new games movement for the digital age

Celia Pearce, Tracy Fullerton, Janine Fron, Jacquelyn Ford Morie



Subject Headings

Technological literacy
Technology teaching
Computers in society
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)


Volume 15 Number 3,  2007

Introduction: the changing landscape of special education administration

Jean B Crockett


Investigating instructional leadership for special education

Debora A Bays, Jean B Crockett


Recognizing and supporting the critical roles of teachers in special education leadership

Bonnie S Billingsley


Principal leadership for special education: an ethical framework

Carl Lashley


What is special about special education administration? Considerations for school leadership

Mary Lynn Boscardin



Subject Headings

Gifted and talented (GAT) children

International Journal of Progressive Education

Volume 3 Number 2, June 2007

Editorial statement: special issue on whole language

Carol Gilles, Dorothy Watson

Looking back to look forward: understanding the present by revisiting the past: an Australian perspective

Brian Cambourne, Jan Turbill

'Whole language' and moral panic in Australia

Susanne Gannon, Wayne Sawyer

Core values of progressive education: Seikatsu Tsuzurikata and whole language

Mary M Kitagawa, Chisato Kitagawa

Becoming whole language teachers and social justice agents: pre-service teachers inquire with sixth graders

Monica Taylor, Gennifer Otinsky

Book review: Whole Language Teaching, Whole-hearted Practice: Looking Back, Looking Forward by Monica Taylor (Ed)

Amy S Flint

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

English language teaching

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