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International Journal on E-Learning

Volume 7 Number 2,  2008

Computer game theories for designing motivating educational software: A survey study

Chee Siang Ang, City University London, UK, GSV Radha Krishna Rao, Multimedia University, Malaysia


ICT in psychology teaching: Formative evaluations

Weiqin Chen, Rolf Reber, Anne Margrethe Stokke-Olsen & Birgitte Gudem, University of Bergen


Towards an object-oriented model for the design and development of learning objects

Chrysostomos Chrysostomou & George Papadopoulos, Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus, Cyprus


The effective use of synchronous classes within an online graduate program: Building upon an interdependent system

Janet Groen, Janet Tworek & Maria Soos-Gonczol, University of Calgary, Canada


Differences in rate of response to web-based surveys among college students

Ananda Mitra, Wake Forest University, USA, Parul Jain-Shukla, The Ohio State University, USA, Adrienne Robbins, Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine, USA, Heather Champion, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, USA, Robert Durant, Wake Forest University, USA


Technology-enhanced distributive formative evaluation

David Moore, Ohio University, USA


E-learning teams and their adult learning efforts in corporate settings: A cross-analysis of four case studies

Barbara Stewart & Consuelo Waight, University of Houston, USA


Efficacy of instructor feedback on written work in an online program

Thomas Wolsey, Walden University, USA


Accelerating the use of weblogs as an alternative method to deliver case-based learning

Charlie Chen, Appalachian State University, USA, Jiinpo Wu, Tamkang University, Taiwan, Samuel Yang, California State University Fullerton, USA



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Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education

Volume 13 Number 2, Spring 2008

Modelling reading vocabulary learning in deaf children in bilingual education programs

Daan Hermans, Harry Knoors, Ellen Ormel & Ludo Verhoeven


Mode of acquisition as a factor in deaf children's reading comprehension

Loes N Wauters, Agnes EJM Tellings, Wim HJ van Bon & Willem M Mak


Parental involvement in the habilitation process following children's cochlear implantation: An action theory perspective

Anat Zaidman-Zait & Richard A young


Motor development of deaf children with and without cochlear implants

Freja Gheysen, Gerrit Loots & Hilde Van Waelvelde


The development of the ability to recognize the meaning of iconic signs

Tammy D Tolar, Amy R Lederberg, Sonali Gokhale and Michael Tomasello


Hyperlink format, categorization abilities and memory span as contributors to deaf users hypertext access

Inmaculada Farjardo, Barbara Arfé, Patrizia Benedetti & Gianmarco Altoé


Using balanced and interactive writing instruction to improve the higher order and lower order writing skills of deaf students

Kimberly A Wolbers


Self-esteem and satisfaction with life of deaf and hard-of-hearing people – A resource-oriented approach to identity work

Manfred Hintermair


Book review: DEAF THEIRS, DEAF OURS: The Deaf Way II Reader – Perspectives from the Second International Conference on Deaf Culture

Karen Christie


Book review: Disability Harassment

Harold A Johnson


Book review: Anatomy?

Arlene B Kelly


Book review: Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

Nora B Shannon


Book review: Beautiful Minds

Robb E Adams


Book review: Shopping for Perfection: Ethics and Deafness in the 21st Century

Wolfgang Mann



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English in Australia

Volume 42 Number 3,  2007


Karen Moni


Around the States4

Whither/wither STELLA? A sea change, or a bureaucratic chore? A Victorian perspective

Terry Hayes


A STELLA challenge

Karren Philp


Engaging with the profession: Communities of learners

Marion Meiers


Reflecting through a STELLA lens

Corinne Loane


When all they’ve got is essays

Melanie Minos


Beyond externalising and finalising definitions: Standards for teachers of English language and literacy in Australia (STELLA)

Brenton Doecke


New/small news in the English curriculum

Wayne Sawyer


Experiences with personal, academic and hybrid writing: A study of two high school seniors

Peter Smagorinsky, Sharon Murphy Augustine, Cindy O’Donnell-Allen


Against the grain: Constructions of gender through teacher talk

Claire Hiller & Kym Johnson




Ernie Tucker on Books



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VOCAL: The Australian Journal of Vocational Education and Training in Schools

Volume 6 Number 2006,  2007

Message from the Chair

Raelene Fysh


Bobby Harreveld & Patrick Danaher

A student’s learning journey

Christopher Jeffery

VETnetworker 1995–2005

Sandra Harrington

The impact of VET in schools on new certification of post-compulsory education and training in Australia

Mike Frost

Down the track: TAFE outcome for young people two years on

Rebecca Sherman

Tasmania is guaranteeing futures for young people

Nick Evans

Queensland Skills Plan: Securing a better future for Queenslanders

Department of Education, Training and the Arts

Where VET in Schools has come from in Western Australia

Louise Morrison

New directions for local community partnerships in Australia

Michael Taylor

Getting research around VET in Schools on the agenda

Leanne Dalley-Trim & Angela Hill

Back to the future? Girls, and young women, working futures, VET and VET in Schools

Elaine Butler with Robyn Woolley

Vocational interests of Greek senior secondary school students and factors that can affect them

Grigoris Mouladoudis

Quality assurance in the Nigerian VET sector

Muhammad S Abubakar

The coexistence of unemployment and the shortage of skilled workers in Hungary: What can vocational education do?

Eva Berde

Work-integrated learning options in Botswana

Martin Kapfumvuti

Career and technical education in the United States

Katherine Hughes & Melinda Karp

Hsu, Kuo-Shu & Chuang, Chien-Pen

The journey from school to workplace: A snapshot of the Canadian perspective

Jo-Anne H Willment

Evaluation of the UK's Increased Flexibility Program for 14–16 year-olds

Peter Rudd, Sarah Golden, Lisa O'Donnell &Tom Benton

Australia's role in reforming Vocational Education and Training (VET) in China

Antoine Barnaart


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