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Reading Research Quarterly

Volume 43 Number 2, April 2008

Home storybook reading in primary or second language with preschool children: Evidence of equal effectiveness for second-language vocabulary acquisition

Theresa A Roberts

The influence of reading skills on the missing-letter effect among elementary school students

Jean Saint-Aubin, Raymond M Klein

Developing a sociocritical literacy in the third space

Kris D Gutiérrez

A longitudinal literacy profile of Greek precocious readers

Eufimia Tafa, George Manolitsis

Essay book review: The Brown Bear and the American Eagle of Reading Research: Steven A Stahl and Michael Pressley Remembered

Colin Harrison

Key Learning Areas


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International Review of Education

Volume 54 Number 2, March 2008


Christopher Mcintosh


The socio-economic background of Erasmus students: A trend towards wider inclusion?

Manuel Souto Otero


The Chinese government scholarship program: An effective form of foreign assistance?

Lili Dong and David W Chapman


The teaching of religious knowledge in a plural society: The case for Singapore

Charlene Tan


Droit international de l’éducation: Une discipline nouvelle?

Agostinho Reis Monteiro


How are the perceptions of learning networks shaped among school professionals and headteachers at an early stage in their introduction?

Mark O’Brien, Tünde Varga-Atkins, Diana Burton, Anne Campbell and Anne Qualter


The role of parent governors in school governance in Zimbabwe: Perceptions of school heads, teachers and parent governors

Vitallis Chikoko


Book reviews

Christopher McIntosh



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Harvard Educational Review

Spring 2008

Introduction: Why adolescent literacy matters now

Jacy Ippolito, Jennifer L Steele, and Jennifer F Samson

Adolescent literacy: Putting the crisis in context

Vicki A Jacobs

Teaching disciplinary literacy to adolescents: Rethinking content-area literacy

Timothy Shanahan and Cynthia Shanahan

Redefining content-area literacy teacher education: Finding my voice through collaboration

Roni Jo Draper

Cognitive strategy instruction for adolescents: What we know about the promise, what we don’t know about the potential

Mark W Conley

The complex world of adolescent literacy: Myths, motivations, and mysteries

Elizabeth Birr Moje, Melanie Overby, Nicole Tysvaer, and Karen Morris

Toward a more anatomically complete model of literacy instruction: A focus on African American male adolescents and texts

Alfred W Tatum

Implementing a structured reading program in an afterschool setting: Problems and potential solutions

Ardice Hartry, Robert Fitzgerald, and Kristie Porter

State literacy plans: Incorporating adolescent literacy

Catherine Snow, Twakia Martin, and Ilene Berman

Beyond writing next: A discussion of writing research and instructional uncertainty

David Coker and William E Lewis


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Australian Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology

Volume 8,  2008

New Zealand and Queensland teachers’ conceptions of learning: Transforming more than reproducing

Brown, G, Lake, R and Matters, G


Self-rated estimates of multiple intelligences based on approaches to learning

Bowles, T


Attachment disorder, basic trust and educational psychology

King, M and Newnham, K



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