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The Australian Educational Researcher

Volume 35 Number 1, April 2008

Note: All articles are available in full text online

Reframing quality and impact: the place of theory in education research

Jan Wright


Epistemic virtues and cosmopolitan learning

Fazal Rizvi


Individual assignments and academic dishonesty – exploring the learning conundrum

Valorie Leonard and Rolland LeBrasseur


A phenomenographic investigation of teacher conceptions of student engagement in learning

Lois Harris


Risk or resilience? What makes a difference?

Helen J Boon


Teacher efficacy: a comparative study of Hong Kong and Shanghai primary in-service teachers

Hoi Yan Cheung


Teachers' work: beginning teachers' conceptions of competence

Helen Huntly


Book Reviews



Subject Headings

Education research

Educational Leadership (ASCD)

Volume 65 Number 8, May 2008

* = Full text available online

*Perspectives / The high school scene

Marge Scherer

*High schools at the tipping point: why it's time to change our high schools

Bob Wise

*Creating excellent and equitable schools: five schools show how to beat the odds for low-income students

Linda Darling-Hammond and Diane Friedlaender

*Bringing industry to the classroom: multiple pathways connect college prep with career education

Gary Hoachlander

About-Face! A promising high school model emerges from the military

Hugh B Price

*Put understanding first: the mission of high schools is to make meaning

Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe

How we reinvented the high school experience: in addition to attending their local high schools, students enroll in psychology, finance, or engineering labs

John D Forbes and Catherine Richelieu Saunders

Small alone Is not enough: what would it take for small schools to realize their potential?

Jacqueline Ancess

*The linchpin year: if you want to reshape high school, start by changing 9th grade

Billie Donegan

High schools in the global age: a network model enlarges students' worlds

Anthony Jackson

*Lessons from leading models: three reform models provide guidance for restructuring schools

Janet Quint

Bringing online learning to life: a school goes the distance

Carol Caruso

*Special topic / How tracking creates a poverty of learning: ability grouping denies poor and minority students an enriched curriculum

Mary Hatwood Futrell and Joel Gomez

Special topic / Australian snapshots: ASCD visits schools to glean international lessons

Nancy DeFord

*What research says about ... / small learning communities

Jane L David

*Ask about accountability / timed tests for tykes?

W James Popham

*The principal connection / stop, look, and listen

Thomas R Hoerr

*Leading to change/ Improving student attendance

Douglas B Reeves

*Looking back, looking forward: a focus on high school reform

Judy Seltz


Subject Headings


Educational Studies

Volume 34 Number 3, 18 June 2008

Principals in schools with a positive school culture

Nadine Engels, Gwendoline Hotton, Geert Devos, Dave Bouckenooghe, Antonia Aelterman


The education welfare service: the case for a review in England

Ken Reid


Factors affecting the motivation to learn among United Arab Emirates middle and high school students

Vivian Khamis, Samir Dukmak, Hala Elhoweris


Music teachers in Turkey: their proficiency, working environments and problems

Sena Gursen Otacioglu


The relationship between anxiety–stability, working memory and cognitive style

Michael Grimley, Hassan Dahraei, Richard J Riding


Teachers' perceptions of the inclusion of marginalised groups

Mojca Pecek, Ivan Cuk, Irena Lesar


School diversity and social justice: policy and politics

Anne West, Peter Currie



Subject Headings

Education research

Music Education Research

Volume 10 Number 2,  2008

Obituary: Janet Mills 1954–2007 – an appreciation


Keynote: Group cooperation, inclusion and disaffected pupils: some responses to informal learning in the music classroom Presented at the RIME Conference 2007, Exeter, UK

Lucy Green


Popular music pedagogy: peer learning in practice

Don Lebler


Investigating musical performance: commonality and diversity among classical and non-classical musicians

Andrea Creech, Ioulia Papageorgi, Celia Duffy, Frances Morton, Elizabeth Hadden, John Potter, Christophe De Bezenac, Tony Whyton, Evangelos Himonides, Graham Welch


Achievement goals, learning strategies and instrumental performance

Siw Graabraek Nielsen


A performer's creative processes: implications for teaching and learning musical interpretation

Marissa Silverman


Curriculum reform in the Hong Kong primary classroom: what gives?

Victor Forrester, Marina Wong


Understanding what it means for older students to learn basic musical skills on a keyboard instrument

Angela Taylor, Susan Hallam


Appraising composing in secondary-school music lessons

Angela E Major


Book Reviews


Key Learning Areas

The Arts

Subject Headings


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