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Tables of contents

Reading Research Quarterly

Volume 43 Number 3, July 2008

The development of children's orthographic knowledge: a microgenetic perspective

Ann C Sharp, Gale M Sinatra, Ralph E Reynolds

Interactional differentiation in the mixed-ability group: a situated view of two struggling readers

Deborah Poole

A critical analysis of research on reading teacher education

Victoria J Risko, Cathy M Roller, Carrice Cummins, Rita M Bean, Cathy Collins Block, Patricia L Anders, James Flood

Effective reading programs for middle and high shools: a best-evidence synthesis

Robert E Slavin, Alan Cheung, Cynthia Groff, Cynthia Lake

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Education research

Literacy Learning: the Middle Years

Volume 16 Number 2, June 2008

It’s a digital life! Digital literacies, multiliteracies and multimodality

Robyn Henderson

Girls challenging patriarchy through multimodal design and participation in online communities of practice

Christopher S Walsh

So you say you want a revolution? English and literacy educators shaping digital futures

Rosie Kerin

Short commentary: Who are we teaching again? Teaching in a digital world

Anna Kinnane

Encouraging reluctant writers through the use of multimodal formats

Cindy Watson

Using a visual mind map to collect information about ‘out-of-school’ literacy practices within a middle years literacy intervention program

Suzanne Derbyshire

From her world to our world: making history on a children’s website

Sumin Zhao

Reading and identity: the Google generation

Jennifer Rennie & Annette Patterson

Book review: Writing Like a Writer: Teaching Narrative Writing

Brendan Drought

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Secondary education

Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice

Volume 14 Number 3,  2008

Editorial: Exploring educational issues from an international perspective

J John Loughran


Fostering higher-order thinking in science class: teachers' reflections

Moshe Barak, Larisa Shakhman


Critical elements for the science teacher to adopt a student-centered approach: the case of a teacher in transition

Murat Gunel


The impact of international programs on pedagogical practices of their participants: a Russian experience

Anatoli Rapoport


Professional identity of a reading teacher: responding to high-stakes testing pressures

Lori Czop Assaf


'Yes, but if we have students think all day when will we get anything done?': Two conceptual resources to engage students in democratically dangerous teaching

Kent den Heyer



Subject Headings

Teaching and learning

Australian Journal of Language and Literacy

Volume 31 Number 2, June 2008

Guest editorial: Challenging pedagogies: engaging ESL students in intellectual quality

Jenny Hammond

'This is as good as it gets': Classroom lessons and learning in challenging circumstances

Ken Johnston & Debra Hayes

Intellectual challenge and ESL students: Implications of quality teaching initiatives

Jennifer Hammond

'It was taught good and I learned a lot': intellectual practices and ESL learners in the middle years

Pauline Gibbons

Literacy in history: language and meaning

Mary J Schleppegrell, Stacey Greer & Sarah Taylor

Talk, text and knowledge in cumulative, integrated learning: A response to ‘intellectual challenge’

Peter Freebody, Karl Maton & JR Martin

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Language and languages

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