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Tables of contents

Curriculum Perspectives

Volume 28 Number 3,  2008

Teachers' ideological discourses and the enactment of citizenship education

Barry Down, Geraldine Ditchburn and Libby Lee

Understanding curriculum through policy analysis: a study of the upper secondary History curriculum in Western Australia

Bill Allen and Lesley Vidovich

Pre-service teachers' engagement with student wellbeing

Lyn Taylor, Vaughan Prain and Rosie Rosengren

Curriculum design at a crossroads: a comparative approach to re-evaluating knowledge frameworks

David Cole and Lawrence Burke

Partners, pedagogy and technology: a Year 7 boy's reading progress

Wendy Cumming-Potvin

Putting the 'home' back into homework: implications for middle school reform

Renate Quinn, Brenton Prosser and Robert Hattam

Literacy testing and quality

Guest Editor, Claire Wyatt-Smith

Assessing the risk and possibilities: standardised literacy testing at Year 9

Rosie Kerin and Barbara Comber

Assessing integrative reading of images and text in group reading comprehension tests

Len Unsworth and Eveline Chan

Testing, assessment and literacy learning in schools: a view from England

Janice Wearmouth

Still an examination culture - for most: Singapore literacy education in transition

Anneliese Kramer-Dahl

Book review. Becoming a Teacher: Knowledge, Skills and Issues

Deborah Henderson

Book review. Learning and Teaching for the Twenty-First Century

Colin Marsh

Book review. Studies of Society and Environment: Exploring the 91 teaching possibilities

Libby Tudball


Subject Headings

Curriculum studies

Teaching Mathematics and its Applications

Volume 27 Number 4, December 2008

Mathematics support — support for all?

Godfrey Pell and Tony Croft

Rolling squares

Derek Holton and Carol Knights

Why mechanics should be integral to secondary school mathematics

Stuart Rowlands

Pythagorean approximations and continued fractions

Javier Peralta

Showing you’re working: a project using former pupils’ experiences to engage current mathematics students

Garrod Musto

A short and elementary proof of the infinitude of primes

Aldo Scimone

Proof without words

Sanjay Kumar Khattri

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Mathematics teaching

Mathematics Education Research Journal

Volume 20 Number 3, December 2008

Note: the full text of all articles is available online for free download.


Robyn Jorgenson (Zevenbergen)


Voices from the field

Thelma Perso, Bill Sultmann, & Trevor Redmond


Learning from 'didactikids': an impetus for revisiting the empty number line

Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen


Transforming ethnomathematical ideas in Western mathematics curriculum texts

Amelia Dickenson-Jones


The co-development and interrelation of proof and authority: the case of Yana and Ronit

Michael N. Fried, & Miriam Amit


Principles of practice and teacher actions: influences on effective teaching of numeracy

Tracey Muir


Surveying the technology landscape: teachers’ use of technology in secondary mathematics classrooms

Merrilyn Goos, & Anne Bennison


Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Mathematics teaching
Education research

School Leadership & Management

Volume 28 Number 5,  2008


Mark Brundrett


Primary school leadership today and tomorrow

Geoff Southworth


Problem-solving processes of expert and typical school principals: a quantitative look

Lawrence D. Brenninkmeyer; James P. Spillane


Charting an arid landscape: the preparation of novice primary principals in Western Australia

Helen Wildy; Simon Clarke


The impact of Workforce Remodelling on change management and working practices in English primary schools

Linda Hammersley-Fletcher


When reform hits reality: the bottleneck effect in Hong Kong primary schools

Yin Chong Cheng; Allan Walker


Headteachers of small Scottish primary schools: still a match for the job?

Valerie Wilson



Subject Headings

School leadership

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