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Tables of contents

Oxford Review of Education

Volume 29 Number 2, April 2009
Reviewers 2008129-132



Religious freedom and rendering to Caesar: reading democratic and faith-based values in curriculum, pedagogy and policy

Mark A. Pike


Choosing in schools: locating the benefits of specialisation

Peter Davies, Neil Davies, David Hutton, Nick Adnett & Robert Coe


Mentoring and target-setting in a secondary school in England: an evaluation of aims and benefits

Mike Younger & Molly Warrington


Why Abiturienten do an apprenticeship before going to university: the role of 'double qualifications' in Germany

Matthias Pilz


Comparability of examination standards between subjects: an international perspective

Iasonas Lamprianou


Communities of Practice in Academe (CoP-iA): understanding academic work practices to enable knowledge building capacities in corporate universities

Judy Nagy & Tony Burch


Explaining sustained inequalities in ethnic minority school exclusions in England – passive racism in a neoliberal grip

Carl Parsons


Evaluating 'Blair's Educational Legacy?': some comments on the special issue of Oxford Review of Education

Geoff Whitty



Subject Heading

Science Teacher

Volume 76 Number 4,  2009

A glue from slug slime?

Helen A. Buttemer

Career of the month: An interview with ice scientist Julienne Stroeve

Megan Sullivan

Collaboration at the nanoscale

S. Monroe Duboise, Karen D. Moulton & Jennifer L. Jamison

Editor’s corner: Outside the school walls

Steve Metz

EQUIPping teachers

Jeff Marshall, Robert Horton & Chris White

Health wise – April/May 2009

Stephanie Liberatore

Idea bank: Vector, vector – that’s our cry!

Jeremy Brown

Safer science: biosafety – getting the bugs out

Ken Roy

Stories in science

Charles Hill & Laura Baumgartner

The big sky inside

Earle Adams, Tony J. Ward, Diana Vanek, Nancy Marra, Carolyn Hester, Randy Knuth, Todd Spangler, David Jones, Melissa Henthorn, Brock Hammill, Paul Smith, Rob Salisbury, Gene Reckin & Johna Boulafentis

The prepared practitioner: an assessment primer

Alan Colburn

The state high biodiesel project

Paul L. Heasley & William G. Van Der Sluys


Subject Heading

Education, Citizenship and Social Justice

Volume 4 Number 1, March 2009

Understanding young people's citizenship learning in everyday life: the role of contexts, relationships and dispositions

Gert Biesta, Robert Lawy & Narcie Kelly


Asking questions about participation

Ian Davies, Bernie Flanagan, Sylvia Hogarth, Paula Mountford & Jenny Philpott


Social capital and citizenship lessons in England: analysing the presuppositions of citizenship education

Ben Kisby


Testing citizenship and allegiance: policy, politics and the education of adult migrants in the UK

Audrey Osler



Subject Headings

Social justice

Educational Studies in Mathematics

Volume 70 Number 2, March 2009

Introduction: beyond words

L. Radford, L. Edwards & F. Arzarello


Gestures as semiotic resources in the mathematics classroom

Ferdinando Arzarello, Domingo Paola, Ornella Robutti & Cristina Sabena


Why do gestures matter? Sensuous cognition and the palpability of mathematical meanings

Luis Radford


Gestures and conceptual integration in mathematical talk

Laurie D. Edwards


Working with artefacts: gestures, drawings and speech in the construction of the mathematical meaning of the visual pyramid

Michela Maschietto & Maria G. Bartolini Bussi


Mathematical imagination and embodied cognition

Ricardo Nemirovsky & Francesca Ferrara


Bodily experience and mathematical conceptions: from classical views to a phenomenological reconceptualization

Wolff-Michael Roth & Jennifer S. Thom


What’s all the fuss about gestures? A commentary

Anna Sfard


Embodied multi-modal communication from the perspective of activity theory

Julian Williams


Building intellectual infrastructure to expose and understand ever-increasing complexity

James Kaput



Subject Heading

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