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VOCAL: The Australian Journal of Vocational Education and Training in Schools

Volume 7 Number 1,  2009


Nursing our students’ future: new pathways into nursing in NSW

Wendy Winton, Kate McRae & Yvonne Brugmans

The skills gap – What is it? How do we fill it?

Terry O’Hanlon-Rose

VETiS: how it works in Victoria

Mike Brown

The Vocational Charter School Model: a new initiative in school reform

Richard Lakes

What works in preparing CTE students for postsecondary education

Katherine Hughes & Melinda Mechur Karp

The initial education and training of secondary education teachers: the cases of Greece and Romania

Grigoris Mouladoudis & Angela Musca

Current challenges in the Danish dual VET curricula

Vibe Aarkrog

A computerised scaffolded environment for vocational education training

Sarantos Psycharis

Highly educated useless people

Ian Jukes

Australian blueprint for career development

Marijke Wright

What works in vocational learning

Carmel Ross

Back to school: The KID program in Hungary

Zoltán Györgyi

To skill a mocking-bird

Petria Carter

What works...Career pathways – which path towards improving outcomes for students

Greg Calvert

Post-school private education and training providers in South Africa: what works!

Salim Akoojee

Reforms in the Indian vocational education and training system

Alan Abrahart, S.A.A. Alvi, Amit Dar, Nalin Jena, Hong Tan

Successful provision of VET in schools: overseas approaches

Stephen Lamb

TVET on a multi-sector campus: Connecting, collaborating and capacity building on the Central Coast

Stephen Crump, Marie Larkings, Julie Johnston & David Kirkby

Nationally recognised VET programs in schools, 10 years on: development of national VET programs in schools

Brian Knight

What do Australians think about VET?

Australian Government, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR)


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Educational Leadership (ASCD)

Volume 66 Number 8, May 2009

Feature articles


Perspectives/Taking higher ground

Marge Scherer

Schools of conscience

Charles C. Haynes

Measuring social responsibility

Richard Rothstein & Rebecca Jacobsen

The civic opportunity gap

Peter Levine

The schools we mean to be

Richard Weissbourd

Stirring up justice

Laurel Schmidt

The window into green

Mike Weilbacher

Democracy at risk

Deborah Meier

A pebble in a pond

Rahima Wade

Social justice in the suburbs

Scott Seider

Lighting the moral imagination

Molly Schen & Barry Gilmore

'Hobo' is not a respectful word

Sarah Hershey & Veronica Reilly

A learning community blossoms

Dan Bresman, Abigail Erdmann & Kirsten Olson

Challenging the textbook

Gloria T. Alter

Make it personal

Suzanne Miller, Kerry Weisner, J. Spencer Edmunds & Amanda Wall

Taking care of one another

Robin R. Collins



What research says about … /Service learning and civic participation

Jane L. David

All about assessment/assessing student affect

W. James Popham

The principal connection/This school is about kids

Joanne Rooney

The learning leader/Avoiding the land mines

Douglas B. Reeves

Special report/Can service learning keep students in school?

Deborah Perkins-Gough

ASCD community in action

Readers talk 2.0

Online only


A culture of service learning

Deirdra Grode

Unlearning the lessons of privilege

Adam Howard

Book review/Welcome to the Aquarium: A Year in the Lives of Children by Julie Diamond

Meg Simpson

EL study guide

Teresa Preston


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Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

Volume 25 Number 2,  2009



Announcing AJET's new editorial board

Roger Atkinson & Catherine McLoughlin




The wiki way of learning

Alison Ruth & Luke Houghton


A review of research methodologies used in studies on mobile handheld devices in K–12 and higher education settings

Wing Sum Cheung & Khe Foon Hew


How pacing of multimedia instructions can influence modality effects: A case of superiority of visual texts

Klaus D. Stiller, Annika Freitag, Peter Zinnbauer & Christian Freitag


Using game making pedagogy to facilitate student learning of interactive multimedia

Gary Cheng


Stepping through the orientation looking glass: a staged approach for postgraduate students

Helen Wozniak, Mary Jane Mahony, Tim Lever & Jenny Pizzica


A strategic assessment of audience response systems used in higher education

Robin H. Kay & Ann LeSage


Advancing the m-learning research agenda for active, experiential learning: four case studies

Laurel Evelyn Dyson, Andrew Litchfield, Elaine Lawrence, Ryszard Raban & Peter Leijdekkers


Improving critical thinking using web based argument mapping exercises with automated feedback

Sam Butchart, Daniella Forster, Ian Gold, John Bigelow, Kevin Korb, Graham Oppy & Alexandra Serrenti


The potential for adaptable accessible learning objects: a case study in accessible vodcasting

Stavroula Gkatzidou & Elaine Pearson



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Childhood: A Journal of Global Child Research

Volume 16 Number 2, May 2009



Is there an Indian childhood?

Olga Nieuwenhuys




Between intimacy and intolerance: Greek Cypriot children's encounters with Asian domestic workers

Tatek Abebe & Anne Trine Kjørholt


Pageant princesses and math whizzes: understanding children's activities as a form of children's work

Hilary Levey


Building groups and independence: The role of food in the lives of young people in Danish sports centres

Mine Sylow & Lotte Holm


The 2003 war in Iraq: an ecological analysis of American and Northern Irish children's perceptions

Maureen Blankemeyer, Kathleen Walker & Erika Svitak


Welsh children's views on government and participation

Mark Drakeford, Jonathan Scourfield, Sally Holland & Andrew Davies


Standardized individual therapy: a contradiction in terms?: Professional principles and social practices in Danish residential care

Tine Egelund & Turf Böcker Jakobsen


Book reviews


Howell, Signe (2006) The Kinning of Foreigners: Transnational Adoption in a Global Perspective, New York & Oxford, Berghahn Books, (255 pp.), ISBN 1845451848

Leslie K. Wang


Hungerland, B., Liebel, M., Milne, B. and Wihstutz, A. (eds) (2007) Working to Be Someone: Child Focused Research and Practice with Working Children, London and Philadelphia, Jessica Kingsley, (268 pp.), ISBN 9781843105237

María Florencia Amigó




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