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Tables of contents

Journal of Computer Assisted Learning

Volume 25 Number 4, 10 July 2009

Original articles


Mobile learning projects – a critical analysis of the state of the art

D. Frohberg, C. Göth & G. Schwabe


Mobile game-based learning in secondary education: engagement, motivation and learning in a mobile city game

J. Huizenga, W. Admiraal, S. Akkerman & G. ten Dam


The impact and implications of virtual character expressiveness on learning and agent–learner interactions

G. Veletsianos


From bar diagrams to letter-symbolic algebra: a technology-enabled bridging

C.-K. Looi & K.-S. Lim


Supporting teachers' reflection and learning through structured digital teaching portfolios

Y.-T. Sung, K.-E. Chang, W.-C. Yu & T.-H. Chang


Culture and the processes of virtual teaming for training

John M. R. Ahanchian & J. McCormick


Socio-cultural aspects of prompting student reflection in web-based inquiry learning environments

A. Furberg



Subject Heading

Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice

Volume 28 Number 2, Summer 2009
Editorial 1



Is teaching experience necessary for reliable scoring of extended English questions?

Lucy Royal-Dawson & Jo-Anne Baird


Generalizability of cognitive interview-based measures across cultural groups

Guillermo Solano-Flores & Min Li


Same-form retest effects on credentialing examinations

Mark R. Raymond, Sandra Neustel & Dan Anderson


Differentials of a state reading assessment: item functioning, distractor functioning, and omission frequency for disability categories

Kentaro Kato, Ross E. Moen & Martha L. Thurlow


Accommodations for students who are deaf or hard of hearing in large-scale, standardized assessments: surveying the landscape and charting a new direction

Stephanie W. Cawthon


Association news


Call for proposals for papers and training sessions 2010 Annual Meeting: Denver, Colorado, April 29 – May 3, 2010

John T. Willse, Robert A. Henson & Luz Bay



Subject Heading

Music Education Research

Volume 11 Number 2, June 2009



Making musical sense: the multimodal nature of clarifying musical listening

Niklas Pramling & Cecilia Wallerstedt

135 – 151

Children's and adolescents' harmonisation of a tonal melody

Pirkko Paananen

153 – 174

Teaching musical expression: effects of production and delivery of feedback by teacher vs. computer on rated feedback quality

Jessika Karlsson, Simon Liljeström & Patrik N. Juslin

175 – 191

Malaysian children's attitudes towards learning music

Ghaziah Mohd. Ghazali & Gary E. McPherson

193 – 219

Trainee primary-school teachers' perceptions of their effectiveness in teaching music

Susan Hallam, Pamela Burnard, Anne Robertson, Chris Saleh, Valerie Davies, Lynne Rogers & Dimitra Kokatsaki

221 – 240

A qualitative assessment of students' experiences of studying music: a Spanish perspective on the European credit transfer system (ECTS)

José María Esteve Faubel, Miguel Ángel Molina Valero & Jonathan Stephens

241 – 265

Book reviews

Janet Hoskyns; Donald Wetherick; Tia DeNora; Vanessa Young; Frank Heuser; Heidi Partti

267 – 282


Subject Heading

Curriculum Journal

Volume 20 Number 2, June 2009


Bob Moon; Bob McCormick




Measuring teacher beliefs about curriculum orientations using the modified-curriculum orientations inventory

Sharon Billburg Jenkins

103 – 120

How fares the ‘New Professionalism’ in schools? Findings from the ‘State of the Nation’ project

Anne Storey

121 – 138

Why has Computer Assisted Learning made so little impact in secondary education? Lessons from an economics and business subject case-study

Steve Hurd

139 – 159

Sound[']s right: pupils' responses to heard poetry and the revised National Curriculum for English

John Gordon

161 – 175

Book review


Leading a digital school: principles and practice

Chris Tooley

177 – 183


Subject Heading

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