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Tables of contents

Educational Theory

Volume 59 Number 2, May 2009

Original articles


An unreasonable argument against student free speech

David Blacker


Student rights, Clarence Thomas, and the revolutionary vision of education

Bryan R. Warnick, Bradley Rowe & Sang Hyun Kim


Expanding rationality: the relation between epistemic virtue and critical thinking

Ryan Bevan


Mad about ideals? Educating children to become reasonably passionate

Stijn M.A. Sieckelinck & Doret J. de Ruyter


Wittgenstein's contextualist approach to judging 'sound' teaching: escaping enthrallment in criteria-based assessments

Jeff Alan Stickney


Translation: an alternative framework for conceptualizing and supporting school reform efforts

Alison Cook-Sather


Philosophy of education today

J. J. Chambliss




Subject Heading

Support for Learning: British Journal of Learning Support

Volume 24 Number 1, 10 July 2009


Mary Briggs, Suzanne Carrington, Chris Coates, et al




Beyond the 'classic' nurture group model: an evaluation of part-time and cross-age nurture groups in a Scottish local authority

Karen Scott & Anne Lee


Asperger syndrome and the English curriculum: addressing the challenges

Hilary Harbinson & Joy Alexander


An exploration of higher level teaching assistants' perceptions of their training and development in the context of school workforce reform

Hilary Burgess & Ann Shelton Mayes


Measures for inclusion: coping with the challenge of visual impairment and blindness in university undergraduate level language learning

Marina Orsini-Jones


Tools or crutches? Apparatus as a sense-making aid in mathematics teaching with children with moderate learning difficulties

Lio Moscardini


Using the Phono-Graphix reading programme as a literacy support intervention strategy

Monica Shaw & Mo Davidson


Notes on contributors 49



Working Memory and Learning: A Practical Guide for Teachers – By Susan E. Gathercole & Tracy Packiam Alloway

Jane Mott & Lynn Ambler


Developing Emotional Literacy with Teenage Boys: Building Confidence, Self Esteem and Self Awareness (A Lucky Duck Book) – By Tina Rae and Lisa Pedersen

Carole Morgan


Every Child Can Learn: Using Developmental Tools and Play to Help Children with Developmental Delay – By Katrin Stroh, Thelma Robinson & Alan Proctor

Jennifer Cotton



Subject Heading

Science Education

Volume 93 Number 4, July 2009

Research articles


Explanation in science trade books recommended for use with elementary students

Laura B. Smolkin, Erin M. McTigue, Carol A. Donovan & Julianne M. Coleman


Translations of scientific practice to students' images of science

Michiel van Eijck, Pei-Ling Hsu & Wolff-Michael Roth


Science education policy


Scientists' teaching orientations in the context of teacher professional development

Dwight A. Schuster & William S. Carlsen


Is alignment enough? Investigating the effects of state policies and professional development on science curriculum implementation

William Penuel, Barry J. Fishman, Lawrence P. Gallagher, Christine Korbak & Bladimir Lopez-Prado


Science teacher education: focused collection on elementary science teacher education


Principled reasoning about problems of practice

Jamie N. Mikeska, Charles W. Anderson & Christina V. Schwarz


Learning to teach elementary school science as argument

Carla Zembal-Saul


Developing preservice elementary teachers' knowledge and practices through modeling-centered scientific inquiry

Christina Schwarz


Beginning teachers moving toward effective elementary science teaching

Elizabeth A. Davis & Julie Smithey


Book reviews


Teen girls and technology: What's the problem, what's the solution?

Elisabeth Hayes


Critical lessons: What our schools should teach

David Waddington



Subject Heading

Journal of Education for Teaching: International Research and Pedagogy

Volume 35 Number 2, May 2009


Peter Gilroy

105 – 106



Education for ethically sensitive teaching in critical incidents at school

Eija Hanhimäki & Kirsi Tirri

107 – 121

Articulation and re-articulation: development of a model for providing quality feedback to pre-service teachers on practicum

Stephanie White

123 – 132

Mentors' written lesson appraisals: the impact of different mentoring regimes on the content of written lesson appraisals and the match with pre-service teachers' perceptions of content

Roger Lock, Allan Soares & Julie Foster

133 – 143

Understanding mainland Chinese students' motivations for choosing teacher education programmes in Hong Kong

Xuesong Gao & John Trent

145 – 159

The effectiveness of cooperative learning with trainee teachers

Garry Hornby

161 – 168

District professional development models as a way to introduce primary-school teachers to natural science curriculum reforms in one district in South Africa

Bongani D. Bantwini

169 – 182

Reforming further education teacher training: a policy communities and policy networks analysis

David Holloway

183 – 196

Book reviews

197 – 201


Subject Heading

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