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Educational Researcher

Volume 38 Number 5, June 2009



Design tools in didactical research: instrumenting the epistemological and cognitive aspects of the design of teaching sequences

Kenneth Ruthven, Colette Laborde, John Leach & Andrée Tiberghien


Matrix summaries improve research reports: secondary analyses using published literature

Linda Reichwein Zientek & Bruce Thompson


Predictable failure of federal sanctions-driven accountability for school improvement—and why we may retain it anyway

Heinrich Mintrop & Gail L. Sunderman


Research news and comment


An educational psychology success story: social interdependence theory and cooperative learning

David W. Johnson & Roger T. Johnson


Book reviews


Developing literacy in second-language learners

Lisa Pray & Robert T. Jiménez


Literacy and English-language learners: a shifting landscape for students, teachers, researchers, and policy makers

Jim Cummins


A response to 'Literacy and English-Language Learners: A Shifting Landscape for Students, Teachers, Researchers, and Policy Makers' by Jim Cummins

Lisa Pray & Robert T. Jiménez


A response to 'Developing Literacy in Second-Language Learners' by Lisa Pray & Robert T. Jiménez

Jim Cummins


AERA Highlights


From the desk of the President: Complex ecologies in a changing world and the 2010 Annual Meeting386–387
JEBS call for editors387
World Education Research Association founded: two-year effort leads to New International Forum for Collaboration388–389
Interim officers elected by WERA: Gogolin and Levine will Serve, McDonnell is first AERA representative390
Emerging scholars learn about writing Op-Eds: AERA–Hechinger Institute’s public communication course391
AERA holds first Education Research Training Workshop for undergraduate students392–393
Call for nominations for 2010 AERA Fellows394
American Educational Research Association 2010 Awards: Call for nominations395–397
AERA Grants Program Awards, 2008–2009398
Aera Grants Program: Call for applications399
Council minutes: January 30–February 1, 2009 Santa Monica, CA400–409

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Review of Research in Education

Volume 33 Number 1, March 2009



Introduction: risk, equity, and schooling: transforming the discourse

Vivian L. Gadsden, James Earl Davis & Alfredo J. Artiles



Who’s at risk in school and what’s race got to do with it?

Carla O’Connor, Lori Diane Hill & Shanta R. Robinson



Child well-being: the intersection of schools and child welfare

Fred Wulczyn, Cheryl Smithgall & Lijun Chen



Historical evolution of risk and equity: interdisciplinary issues and critiques

Carol D. Lee



Race and class in a culture of risk

Ray McDermott, Jason D. Raley & Ingrid Seyer-Ochi


Youth, risk, and equity in a global world

Glynda Hull, Jessica Zacher & Liesel Hibbert


Gender risks and education: the particular classroom challenges for urban low-income African American boys

Duane E. Thomas & Howard Stevenson


Negotiating linguistic and cultural identities: theorizing and constructing opportunities and risks in education

Jin Sook Lee & Kate T. Anderson


Re-mediating literacy: culture, difference, and learning for students from nondominant communities

Kris D. Gutiérrez, P. Zitlali Morales & Danny C. Martinez


The education of children in im/migrant families

Angela E. Arzubiaga, Silvia C. Noguerón & Amanda L. Sullivan


Linguistic diversity, access, and risk

John Baugh


Consequences of physical health and mental illness risks for academic achievement in Grades K–12

Sean Joe, Emanique Joe & Larry L. Rowley


The social production of adolescent risk and the promise of adolescent literacies

Lalitha Vasudevan & Gerald Campano


About the editors354–355
About the contributors 356–363

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Journal of Education and Work

Volume 22 Number 3, July 2009



On knowledge and work

Hugh Lauder

157 – 162



The educational transformation of work: towards a new synthesis

David P. Baker

163 – 191

Education, globalisation and the 'voice of knowledge'

Michael Young

193 – 204

Forms of knowledge and curriculum coherence

Johan Muller

205 – 226

The problem with CBT (and why constructivism makes things worse)

Leesa Wheelahan

227 – 242


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Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education

Volume 37 Number 3, August 2009


David Saltmarsh; Anne McMaugh; Ninetta Santoro; Jo-Anne Reid

229 – 230



A model for research-based state professional development policy

Allan Luke & Felicity McArdle

231 – 251

'At least I'm the type of teacher I want to be': Second-career English language teachers' identity formation in Hong Kong secondary schools

John Trent & Xuesong Gao

253 – 270

Trajectories in teacher education: recognising prior learning in practice

Per Andersson & Kristina Hellberg

271 – 282

Assessing levels of student understanding in pre-service teachers using a two-cycle SOLO model

Dean Dudley & David Baxter

283 – 293

Cross-cultural immersion in China: preparing pre-service elementary teachers to work with diverse student populations in the United States

Yali Zhao, Laura Meyers & Barbara Meyers

295 – 317

Attitudes and concerns of pre-service teachers regarding inclusion of students with disabilities into regular schools in Pune, India

Umesh Sharma, Dennis Moore & Sanjeev Sonawane

319 – 331

Cutting your losses: Could best-practice pedagogy involve acknowledging that even robust hope may be vain?

James Schuurmans-Stekhoven

333 – 345


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