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Tables of contents

Reading & Writing Quarterly

Volume 25 Number 2 & 3, April 2009



Introduction to direct/explicit instruction in reading for the struggling reader: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension

William H. Rupley

119 – 124

Original articles


Effective reading instruction for struggling readers: the role of direct/explicit teaching

William H. Rupley, Timothy R. Blair & William D. Nichols

125 – 138

The role of explicit instruction and instructional design in promoting phonemic awareness development and transfer from Spanish to English

Sharolyn D. Pollard-Durodola & Deborah C. Simmons

139 – 161

Grapho-phonemic enrichment strengthens keyword analogy instruction for struggling young readers

Linnea C. Ehri, Eric Satlow & Irene Gaskins

162 – 191

Teaching reading fluency to struggling readers: method, materials, and evidence

Timothy Rasinski, Susan Homan & Marie Biggs

192 – 204

Using explicit instruction to promote vocabulary learning for struggling readers

D. Bruce Taylor, Maryann Mraz, William D. Nichols, Robert J. Rickelman & Karen D. Wood

205 – 220

Direct instruction of comprehension: instructional examples from intervention research on listening and reading comprehension

Michael D. Coyne, Richard P. Zipoli Jr, David J. Chard, Michael Faggella-Luby, Maureen Ruby, Lana E. Santoro & Scott Baker

221 – 245


Subject Heading

International Forum on Information Technology in Education

Volume 17 Number 1,  2009


Implementation of a university standard for personal response systems

William Jefferson & Daniel Spiegel

Technology and student learning: towards a learner-centered teaching model

Jared Keengwe, Grace Onchwari & Jacqueline Onchwari

Managing the growing complexity of administration of academic technology in higher education

John Nworie

Classroom technology in business schools: a survey of installations and attitudes toward teaching and learning

Betty Parker & David Burnie

This issue is available free online.


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Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education

Volume 9 Number 2,  2009


Tutor, tool, tutee: a vision revisited

G. Bull

English Language Arts

Fight the dragons: using online discussion to promote critical literacy in teacher education

C. Woodcock


Mathematics teachers' development, exploration, and advancement of technological pedagogical content knowledge in the teaching and learning of algebra

S. Richardson


Preservice biology teachers' use of interactive display systems to support reforms-based science instruction

C. G. Schnittka & R. L. Bell

Social Studies

Giving, prompting, making: aligning technology and pedagogy within TPACK for social studies instruction

T. C. Hammond & M. M. Manfra


Enhancing TPACK with assistive technology: promoting inclusive practices in preservice teacher education

M. T. Marino, P. Sameshima, & C. C. Beecher

Current practice

Ten ways to incorporate technology into a TESOL teacher preparation program

A. Honigsfeld, V. Giouroukakis, A. Cohen, M. Walsh

This issue is available free online.


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Education Next

Volume 9 Number 3, 11 August 2009


Florida’s online option

Bill Tucker

Demography as destiny?

Matthew Ladner & Dan Lips

Breaking down school budgets

Marguerite Roza

How to get the teachers we want

Frederick M. Hess

Educating the public

William G. Howell & Martin R. West


The future of No Child Left Behind

Diane Ravitch & John E. Chubb


Domino effect

Scott E. Carrell & Mark L. Hoekstra

Can tracking improve learning?

Esther Duflo, Pascaline Dupas & Michael Kremer

From the editors

Virtual school succeeds

Paul E. Peterson


Readers respond

The legal beat

Another lemon

Josh Dunn & Martha Derthick

Book reviews

Young people are all right

Ted Kolderie

It takes a community

Cara Spitalewitz

Book alert

What next?

Full Immersion 2025

Gerald Huff & Bror Saxberg

School life

The why question

William Damon

This issue is available free online.


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