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Tables of contents

International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism

Volume 12 Number 5, September 2009



The sequencing of formal reading instruction: reading development in bilingual and English-medium schools in Ireland

Christine Parsons & Fiona Lyddy

493 – 512

Biliteracy and language development in Samoan bilingual classrooms: the effects of increasing English reading comprehension

Meaola Toloa, Stuart McNaughton & Mei Lai

513 – 531

Emergent literacy skills in bilingual children: evidence for the role of L1 syntactic comprehension

Alison Gabriele, Erika Troseth, Gita Martohardjono & Ricardo Otheguy

533 – 547

Mother tongue and bilingual minority education in China

Linda T. H. Tsung & Ken Cruickshank

549 – 563

Individual differences and language interdependence: a study of sequential bilingual development in Spanish–English preschool children

Anny Patricia Castilla, Maria Adelaida Restrepo & Ana Teresa Perez-Leroux

565 – 580

Language maintenance or shift? Attitudes of Bakalanga youth towards their mother tongue

Rose Letsholo

581 – 595

Book reviews


Culture and identity in study abroad contexts: after Australia, French without France

Celeste Kinginger

597 – 599

Undergraduates in a second language: challenges and complexities of academic literacy development

Manka Varghese

599 – 601

Prosodic orientation in English conversation

Robin Queen

601 – 604

Acquiring a non-native phonology: linguistic constraints and social barriers

Lucy Pickering

605 – 607

Teacher cognition and language education: research and practice

Elizabeth M. Ellis

607 – 611


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Journal of Adventure Education & Outdoor Learning

Volume 9 Number 1, June 2009


Linda Allin & Barbara Humberstone

1 – 2



Characteristics of risky play

Ellen Beate Hansen Sandseter

3 – 21

Recontextualizing the role of the facilitator in group interaction in the outdoor classroom

Ina Stan

23 – 43

The relationship of therapeutic alliance to outcome in wilderness treatment

Nevin J. Harper

45 – 59

Re-evaluating risk and exploring educational alternatives

Mike Brown & Deborah Fraser

61 – 77

End piece


Seeking resilience and sustainability: outdoor education in Singapore

Peter Martin & Susanna Ho

79 – 92

Book reviews


Critical lessons: what our schools should teach by Nel Noddings

Carrie Nolan

93 – 94

Other ways of learning by Peter Becker & Jochem Schirp (Eds)

Simon Beames

94 – 96


Subject Heading

Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching

Volume 3 Number 2, October 2009


Terry Lamb

113 – 114

Original Articles


The language learning experiences of students with dyslexia: lessons from an interview study

Judit Kormos, Kata Csizér & Ágnes Sarkadi

115 – 130

Raising awareness of cognate vocabulary as a strategy in teaching English to Polish adults

Agnieszka Otwinowska-Kasztelanic

131 – 147

Teaching and learning culture on English language programmes: a critical review of the recent empirical literature

Tony Johnstone Young, Itesh Sachdev & Paul Seedhouse

149 – 169

Motivating foreign language students using self-determination theory

Brett D. Jones, Sonia Llacer-Arrastia & Paula B. Newbill

171 – 189

Responding to learners’ perceptions of feedback: the use of comparators in second language speaking courses

Tony Lynch

191 – 203

Book reviews


Reconstructing autonomy in language education: inquiry and innovation

Philip Riley

205 – 208

Educating for advanced foreign language capacities

Marilyn Lewis

209 – 211




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Journal of Education for Teaching: International Research and Pedagogy

Volume 35 Number 4, November 2009


Peter Gilroy




Capacity building in teacher education research

Ian Menter & Jean Murray

315 – 319



A critical history of research assessment in the United Kingdom and its post-1992 impact on education

Peter Gilroy & Olwen McNamara

321 – 335

Research capacity building in teacher education: Scottish collaborative approaches

Donald Christie & Ian Menter

337 – 354

Harnessing the slipstream: building educational research capacity in Northern Ireland. Size matters

Ruth Leitch

355 – 371

How engagement with research changes the professional practice of teacher-educators: a case study from the Welsh Education Research Network

Howard Tanner & Susan M. B. Davies

373 – 389

Capacity = expertise × motivation × opportunities: factors in capacity building in teacher education in England

Jean Murray, Marion Jones, Olwen McNamara &Grant Stanley

391 – 408

Building capacity through teacher enquiry: the Scottish Schools of Ambition

Moira Hulme, Vivienne Baumfield & Fran Payne

409 – 424

Scallops, schools and scholars: reflections on the emergence of a research-oriented learning project

Donald Gray, Archie Graham, Yvonne Dewhurst, Gillian Kirkpatrick et al

425 – 440

The TEG bibliography: having knowledge and using it – next steps?

Karl Wall, Anne Campbell, Ian Hextall, Moira Hulme et al

441 – 452

Book reviews
Kay Fuller, Claire Whewell & Jennifer J. Wimmer

453 – 459



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