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Tables of contents

Reflective Practice: International and Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Volume 10 Number 4, September 2009



On building a community of practice: reflective narratives of academic learning and growth

Margaret S. Barrett, Julie Ballantyne, Scott Harrison & Nita Temmerman

403 – 416

Researching reflective practice: a case study of youth work education

M. Emslie

417 – 427

'Wrestle to be the man philosophy wished to make you': Marcus Aurelius, reflective practitioner

Seamus Mac Suibhne

429 – 436

Pharmacist prescribers' written reflection on developing their consultation skills

Ruth M. Edwards, Jennifer Cleland, Karen Bailey, Seonaid McLachlan & Lisa-Marie McVey

437 – 450

Talking to oneself: using autobiographical internal dialogue to critique everyday and professional practice

Gwyneth Hughes

451 – 463

Pattern and order: a mathematical lens for reflective writing

Judith McVarish

465 – 476

Reflective practice: the challenge of journal writing

Ruth Ombonya Otienoh

477 – 489

When a career ends: a short story

Gareth Brown, David Gilbourne & Jay Claydon

491 – 500

The hierarchy of reflective practice in physical education: a decision map for technical reflection-in-action

Tabatha A. Uhrich

501 – 512

The process and content of advice giving in support of reflective practice in management consulting

R. Puutio, V. -L. Kykyri & J. Wahlström

513 – 528

Teacher development using group discussion and reflection

Xavier Fazio

529 – 541

Using multi-layered supervision methods to develop creative practice

Dan Richmond

543 – 557



Reflection – a preferred method of teaching in higher education. A probationer teacher's experience

Krishna Regmi

559 – 565


Subject Heading

Professional Development in Education

Volume 35 Number 4, December 2009



The international state of professional development

Sue Swaffield

505 – 509



The impact of a social cognitive theory-based intervention on physical education teacher self-efficacy

Jeffrey J. Martin, Nate McCaughtry, Pamela Hodges Kulinna & Donetta Cothran

511 – 529

Improving mathematics teachers' content knowledge via brief in-service: a US case study

Laura L. Feuerborn, Donald Chinn & Garvin Morlan

531 – 545

Being a secondary English teacher in New Zealand: complex realities in the first 18 months

Susan Lovett & Ronnie Davey

547 – 566

Seeing is believing: creating a catalyst for teacher change through a demonstration classroom professional development initiative

Arlene L. Grierson & Tiffany L. Gallagher

567 – 584

Back to schooling: challenging implicit routines and change

Malka Gorodetsky & Judith Barak

585 – 600

Gaining a degree: the effect on teacher self-efficacy and emotions

Ruth Williams

601 – 612

Teachers' stress and a teachers' development course in Hong Kong: turning 'deficits' into 'opportunities'

Luk-Fong Yuk Yee Pattie

613 – 634

Determining professional development needs of general educators in teaching students with disabilities in Hawai'i

Amelia Jenkins & Cecily Ornelles

635 – 654

High-quality professional development in physical education: the role of a subject association

Jeanne Keay & Christine Lloyd

655 – 676

Research note


Exploring discourse-based assessment practice and its role in mathematics professional development

Michele D. Crockett, Chang-Hua Chen, Takayuki Namikawa & Johndamaseni Zilimu

677 – 680

Book reviews


Teaching English Language Learners through Technology

Brendan Bartram

681 – 682

Engaging Pupil Voice to Ensure that Every Child Matters: A Practical Guide

Christine Vincent

682 – 684

Unlocking Assessment: Understanding for Reflection and Application

Coleen R. Jackson

684 – 685

Call for papers


Call for manuscripts



Subject Heading

Language Learning Journal

Volume 37 Number 3, 25 November 2009
Editorial 277 – 279



Trawling through language policy: practices and possibilities post-1994

Penny Singh

281 – 291

On becoming literate in English: a during- and post-apartheid personal story

Emmanuel Mgqwashu

293 – 303

Policy: powerful or pointless? An exploration of the role of critical literacy in challenging and changing gender stereotypes

Elizabeth Ralfe

305 – 321

Language matters in rural schools in South Africa: Are educators making the implementation of the Language in Education Policy (1997) work?

Reshma Sookrajh & Jenny Joshua

323 – 338

Policy and strategies for ESL pedagogy in multilingual classrooms: the Classroom Talk Programme

Shalina Naicker & Robert J. Balfour

339 – 358

Policy versus practice: the role of the home language in learning mathematics and science in English-medium classrooms

Rosemary Wildsmith-Cromarty & Mary Gordon

359 – 370


Subject Heading

Language and Education

Volume 23 Number 4, July 2009



Learning over time: empirical and theoretical investigations of classroom talk and interaction

Mari Haneda

291 – 294



Realizing Vygotsky's program concerning language and thought: tracking knowing (ideas, conceptions, beliefs) in real time

Wolff-Michael Roth

295 – 311

Learning over time: uses of intercontextuality, collective memories, and classroom chronotopes in the construction of learning opportunities in a ninth-grade language arts classroom

David Bloome, Marlene Beierle, Margaret Grigorenko & Susan Goldman

313 – 334

Learning about the past and preparing for the future: a longitudinal investigation of a grade 7 'sheltered' social studies class

Mari Haneda

335 – 352

Dialogic teaching in the primary science classroom

Neil Mercer, Lyn Dawes & Judith Kleine Staarman

353 – 369

Running cars down ramps: learning about learning over time

Tamara Ball & Gordon Wells

371 – 390


Subject Heading

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