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Tables of contents

British Journal of Sociology of Education

Volume 31 Number 1, January 2010
Doctoral theses 1 – 2



The bubble of privilege: young, privately educated women talk about social class

Claire Maxwell & Peter Aggleton

3 – 15

Teachers and the emotional dimensions of class in resource-affected rural Australia

Barbara Pini, Robin Price & Paula McDonald

17 – 30

Childhood social status in society and school: implications for the transition to higher levels of education

Ylva Almquist, Bitte Modin & Viveca Östberg

31 – 45

Cultural capital and intellectual ability as predictors of scholastic achievement: a study of Slovenian secondary school students

Sergej Flere, Marina Tavčar Krajnc, Rudi Klanjšek, Bojan Musil & Andrej Kirbiš

47 – 58

'Go, go on and go higher an' higher': second-generation Turks' understanding of the role of education and their struggle through the Dutch school system

Adél Pásztor

59 – 70

Social processes of health and physical education teachers' identity formation: reproducing and changing culture

K. Sirna, R. Tinning & T. Rossi

71 – 84

The socio-political significance of changes to the vocational education system in Germany

Antonia Kupfer

85 – 97

Review symposium


Race, gender and educational desire: why black women succeed and fail

Greg Dimitriadis, Michelle Fine & Jennifer Lavia

99 – 110

Review essay


Re-contextualising the re-contextualisers or pedagogy of the impressed?

Anthony Green

111 – 119


Subject Heading

Bilingual Research Journal

Volume 32 Number 3,  2009

Coeditors' introduction

Kathy Escamilla & María E. Fránquiz

237 – 240

Research articles


The effects of the extended foreign language programs on Spanish-language proficiency and academic achievement in English

Aleksandr Shneyderman & Rodolfo Abella

241 – 259

A typology of language-brokering events in dual-language immersion classrooms

Anne Marie Coyoca & Jin Sook Lee

260 – 279

Bilingual intercultural teacher education: nuevos maestros para Bolivia

Gloria Delany-Barmann

280 – 297

Intradistrict resource reallocation for Latino English language learners: an exploratory multiple case study approach

Oscar Jiménez-Castellanos & James L. Rodríguez

298 – 316

Gaining access to late French-immersion programs: class-based perspectives of Canadian students in an Ottawa High School

Josée Makropoulos

317 – 330

Book review


Freedom at Work: Language, Professional and Intellectual Development in Schools, by María Torres-Guzmán (2009). Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers, 183 pp

Rachel Prosser

331 – 335

Reviewers for the Bilingual Research Journal 336 – 339

Subject Heading

Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy and Practice

Volume 17 Number 1, February 2010



Beliefs and practice in teacher assessment

Jo-Anne Baird

1 – 5



Teacher beliefs about the cognitive diagnostic information of classroom- versus large-scale tests: implications for assessment literacy

Jacqueline P. Leighton, Rebecca J. Gokiert, M. Ken Cor & Colleen Heffernan

7 – 21

'We had to do intelligent thinking during recent PE': students' and teachers' experiences of assessment for learning in post-primary physical education

Ann MacPhail & John Halbert

23 – 39

Teacher inquiry into formative assessment practices in remedial reading classrooms

Susan M. Brookhart, Connie M. Moss & Beverly A. Long

41 – 58

The centrality of teachers' judgement practice in assessment: a study of standards in moderation

Claire Wyatt-Smith, Val Klenowski & Stephanie Gunn

59 – 75

Assessing reflective thinking: pre-service teachers' and professors' perceptions of an oral examination

James Badger

77 – 89

Profiles of education assessment systems worldwide


Assessment profile of Malaysia: high-stakes external examinations dominate

Saw Lan Ong

91 – 103

Book reviews

Harvey Goldstein; Stephen Dobson; Andrew Finch; Jan Winter

105 – 112



Subject Heading

Asia Pacific Journal of Education

Volume 29 Number 4, December 2009



Basic education reform in China: globalization with Chinese characteristics

Yongbing Liu & Yanping Fang

407 – 412



Global characteristics of school transformation in China

Jessica Harris, Yong Zhao & Brian J. Caldwell

413 – 426

China's basic education reform: an account of an international collaborative research and development project

Janette Ryan, Changyun Kang, Ian Mitchell & Gaalen Erickson

427 – 441

Autonomy as an element in Chinese educational reform: a case study of English lessons in a senior high school in Beijing

J. Mark Halstead & Chuanyan Zhu

443 – 456

A study of language learning strategy use in the context of EFL curriculum and pedagogy reform in China

Yuanfang Yu & Bing Wang

457 – 468

Sexuality education in China: the conflict between reality and ideology

Ling Li, Mark E. King & Sam Winter

469 – 480

Malnutrition in China's rural boarding schools: the case of primary schools in Shaanxi Province

Renfu Luo, Yaojiang Shi, Linxiu Zhang, Chengfang Liu, Scott Rozelle & Brian Sharbono

481 – 501

Development challenges, tuition barriers, and high school education in China

Chengfang Liu, Linxiu Zhang, Renfu Luo, Scott Rozelle, Brian Sharbono & Yaojiang Shi

503 – 520

'My name is Money': name choices and global identifications at a South-Chinese university

Paul McPherron

521 – 536


Subject Heading

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