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Tables of contents

American Journal of Distance Education

Volume 24 Number 2, April 2010



This issue

Michael Grahame Moore

63 – 64



Toward sustainable open education resources: a perspective from the global south

Asha Kanwar, Balasubramanian Kodhandaraman & Abdurrahman Umar

65 – 80

Online versus face-to-face accommodations among college students with disabilities

Lucy Barnard-Brak & Tracey Sulak

81 – 91

Time usage during face-to-face and synchronous distance music lessons

Evelyn K. Orman & Jennifer A. Whitaker

92 – 103



Speaking personally – with Susan Patrick

104 – 111

Book Reviews


Online Education and Adult Learning: new frontiers for teaching practices Terry Kidd (Ed), Hershey, PA: Information Science, 2010, 374 pp., $180.00 (hardcover).

Mauri Collins

112 – 114

Higher education in virtual worlds: teaching and learning in second life Charles Wankel & Jan Kingsley (Eds), Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2009, 259 pp., $114.95 (hardcover).

Sarah Smith-Robbins

115 – 116



Subject Heading

Africa Education Review

Volume 7 Number 1, 24 August 2010

Research Articles


Foucauldian genealogy as research framework in environmental education policy research

Mphemelang J. Ketlhoilwe

1 – 15

Regulating private Vocational Education and Training (VET) in South Africa: the national development imperative

Simon McGrath & Salim Akojee

16 – 33

Indigenous knowledge as culturally-centred education in South Africa

Louis Royce Botha

34 – 50

Imagining the shaping of reflective deliberative education leaders: the devil is in the detail

Sarie J. Berkhout, Jan Heystek & Vusi S. Mncube

51 – 67

A guiding framework for mathematics student teachers' and their peers' post lesson reflections

Lovemore J. Nyaumwe

68 – 84

Inclusion of primary school children with hearing impairments in Zimbabwe

John Charema

85 – 106

Community participation in education: a case study of the Boards of Trustees' experience in the Fayoum governorate in Egypt

Laila El Baradei & Khaled Z. Amin

107 – 138

The expectations of parent members of school governing bodies regarding teacher workload in South African schools

Johan Beckmann & Lorinda Minnaar

139 – 155

Educators' perceptions of continuing professional development for teachers in South Africa: a qualitative study

G. M. Steyn

156 – 179

Metamorphosis in distance learning: setting new trends in special needs education by addressing existing curriculum challenges

Liesel Ebersöhn, Kesh Mohangi, Jill Fresen, Ruth Mampane, Hermien Olivier & Sonja Coetzee

180 – 198

A customised Total Quality Management framework for schools

Seake H. Rampa

199 – 217

Book Review

Amy Pojar& Victor Pitsoe

218 – 224


Subject Heading

Action Learning: Research and Practice

Volume 7 Number 2, July 2010




Evaluating action learning

Mike Pedler & Kiran Trehan

117 – 119



The evidence for the effectiveness of action learning

H. Skipton Leonard & Michael J. Marquardt

121 – 136

Identifying balanced action learning: cases of South Korean practices

Yonjoo Cho & Hyeon-Cheol Bong

137 – 150

Learning in the wild

James Conklin

151 – 166

An action learning method for increased innovation capability in organisations

Annika Olsson, Carl Wadell, Per Odenrick & Margareta Norell Bergendahl

167 – 179

The role of the NHS in the development of Revans' action learning: correspondence and contradiction in action learning development and practice

Cheryl Brook

181 – 192

Notes toward a philosophy of action learning research

David Coghlan & Paul Coughlan

193 – 203

Accounts of practice


Introduction to accounts of practice

David Coghlan & Clare Rigg


Women reaching women: change in action – using action learning to help address seemingly intractable and large scale social issues

Dawn Langley & Richard Watts

207 – 211

Leading change in tissue viability best practice: an action learning programme for link nurse practitioners

Jean Kellie, Eileen Henderson, Brian Milsom & Hayley Crawley

213 – 219

Team Challenge and action learning

Mary Holmes

221 – 227

Practising virtual action learning at university

Bernhard Hauser

229 – 235



Subject Heading

International Journal of Science Education

Volume 32 Number 14, September 2010

Research Reports


Some consequences of prompting novice physics students to construct force diagrams

Andrew F. Heckler

1829 – 1851

Investigating the influence of motivational factors on conceptual change in a digital learning context using the dual-situated learning model

Chung-Hsien Tseng, Hsiao-Lin Tuan & Chi-Chin Chin

1853 – 1875

An example of large-group drama and cross-year peer assessment for teaching science in higher education

Katherine Sloman & Richard Thompson

1877 – 1893

Geometrical reasoning in wave situations: the case of light diffraction and coherent illumination optical imaging

Laurence Maurines

1895 – 1926

Science-technology-society or technology-society-science? Insights from an ancient technology

Yeung Chung Lee

1927 – 1950

Students' risk perceptions of nanotechnology applications: implications for science education

Grant Gardner, Gail Jones, Amy Taylor, Jennifer Forrester & Laura Robertson

1951 – 1969


Subject Heading

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