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Tables of contents

Leadership and Policy in Schools

Volume 9 Number 3, July 2010

Introduction to new evidence on district effects special issue

Kenneth Leithwood

243 – 244


Characteristics of school districts that are exceptionally effective in closing the achievement gap

Kenneth Leithwood

245 – 291

Leading data use in schools: organizational conditions and practices at the school and district levels

Stephen Anderson, Kenneth Leithwood & Tiiu Strauss

292 – 327

How do states influence leadership in small districts?

Karen Seashore Louis, Emanda Thomas & Stephen Anderson

328 – 366


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Journal of Educational Administration and History

Volume 42 Number 3, August 2010


Tanya Fitzgerald & Helen M. Gunter

197 – 201



Life on Mars: headteachers before the National College

Helen M. Gunter & Patricia Thomson

203 – 222

This way please! Improving school leadership: the OECD way

Gerry Mac Ruairc

223 – 246

Democratic school leadership reforms in Kenya: cultural and historical challenges

Julius Jwan, Lesley Anderson & Nigel Bennett

247 – 273

Speaking 'over' performativity

Julie White

275 – 294

National curriculum and federalism: the Australian experience

Catherine Harris-Hart

295 – 313

The decentralisation of the school system in post-communist Romania

Ana-Cristina Popescu

315 – 336

Book reviews


Handbook of university-wide entrepreneurship education, edited by G. Page West III, Elizabeth J. Gatewood & Kelly G. Shaver

Howard H. Frederick

337 – 339

Inclusive assessment and accountability: a guide to accommodations for students with diverse needs, by Sarah E. Bolt & Andrew T. Roach

Mary Keeffe

339 – 341

William Barton Rogers and the idea of MIT, by A.J. Angulo

Adam R. Nelson

342 – 343


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International Journal of Leadership in Education

Volume 13 Number 2, April 2010



Spin as symbolic capital: the fields of journalism and education policy-making

Michelle L. Stack

107 – 119

Learning to lead the risk-conscious organization: an empirical study of five English primary school leaders

Ann Elizabeth Pegg

121 – 139

Beyond obstacles and problems: women principals in Spain leading change in their schools

José M. Coronel, Emilia Moreno & María J. Carrasco

141 – 162

Leadership styles and multicultural education approaches: an exploration of their relationship

Michalinos Zembylas & Sotiroula Iasonos

163 – 183

Understanding educational leadership in North-west China

Matthew Militello & Joseph B. Berger

185 – 202

Internal leadership challenges of network participation

Michael P. Evans & Corrie Stone-Johnson

203 – 220



The role of instructional supervision in district-wide reform

Maria Palandra

221 – 234

Culture Currents

Hilda Borko & C. A. Bowers

235 – 238



Subject Heading

Reflective Practice: International and Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Volume 11 Number 5, November 2010



Scaffolding or stifling? The influence of journal requirements on students' engagement in reflective practice

Oliver McGarr & Janet Moody

579 – 591

Enhancing professionalism through a professional practice portfolio

Elizabeth Jones

593 – 605

'Now I think of myself as a physics teacher': negotiating professional development and shifts in self-identity

Clare Woolhouse & Matt Cochrane

607 – 618

Preparing teacher candidates to teach diverse student populations through reflective practice

Laura B. Liu & Natalie B. Milman

619 – 630

Reflecting on an ideal: student teachers envision a future identity

Catherine Beauchamp & Lynn Thomas

631 – 643

Sense and sensibility: making sense of a Professional Doctorate

Lee-Ann Fenge

645 – 656

Conceptions of doctoral education: the PhD as pathmaking

Julia Brook, Susan Catlin, Christopher DeLuca et al.

657 – 668

In the eye of the storm: should I stay or should I go? Reflections on the middle phase of a problem-based learning group

Saskia Keville, Pieter W. Nel, Sarah Jeffrey et al.

669 – 680

Equitable intent: reflections on Universal Design in education as an ethic of care

Teri Holbrook, Christi Moore & Michelle Zoss

681 – 692

Reflective practice at a distance: using technology in counselling supervision

Jeannie Wright & Frances Griffiths

693 – 703

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