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Tables of contents

Changing English: Studies in Culture and Education

Volume 17 Number 3, September 2010



Re-reading James Moffett

Bill Green, Wayne Sawyer & Tony Burgess

237 – 240



Discourse and social action: Moffett and the new rhetoric

Anthony Paré

241 – 250

Moffett and rhetoric

Richard Andrews

251 – 260

'How one learns to discourse': writing and abstraction in the work of James Moffett and James Britton

Tony Burgess, Viv Ellis & Sarah Roberts

261 – 274

Dialogue and theory: on James Moffett's work in English teaching and language education

John Dixon

275 – 284

Structuring the new English in Australia: James Moffett and English teaching in New South Wales

Wayne Sawyer

285 – 296

'A chart for further exploration and a kind of rallying call': James Moffett and English curriculum history in Victoria

Catherine Beavis

297 – 307

Liberating literacy under threat: re-reading James Moffett's Storm in the mountains

John Mayher

309 – 314

Re-reading James Moffett: discourse, rhetoric, subjectivity

Bill Green

315 – 329


Subject Heading

Cambridge Journal of Education

Volume 40 Number 3, 26 September 2010


Nalini Boodhoo

209 – 211

Original articles


Addressing issues of religious difference through values education: an Islam instance

Terence Lovat, Neville Clement, Kerry Dally & Ron Toomey

213 – 227

A horizontal approach to school transitions: a lesson learned from Finnish 15-year-olds

Janne Pietarinen, Kirsi Pyhältö & Tiina Soini

229 – 245

Contextual challenges of implementing learner-centred pedagogy: the case of the problem-solving approach in Uganda

Leah Sikoyo

247 – 263

Critique in academic disciplines and active learning of academic content

Michael J. Ford

265 – 280

Do we need more scientists? A long-term view of patterns of participation in UK undergraduate science programmes

Emma Smith

281 – 298

Blurring the boundaries: connecting research, practice and professional learning

Helen Hedges

299 – 314

Book reviews

Roger Beard, Teresa Belton, Christine Howe & Richard Pring

315 – 321


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Creativity Research Journal

Volume 22 Number 3, July 2010



Complex spatial skills: the link between visualization and creativity

April D. Allen

241 – 249

Inclusive leadership and employee involvement in creative tasks in the workplace: the mediating role of psychological safety

Abraham Carmeli, Roni Reiter-Palmon & Enbal Ziv

250 – 260

Studio learning: motivation, competence, and the development of young art students' talent and creativity

Susan M. Rostan

261 – 271

Creative thinking ability: domain generality and specificity

Eunsook Hong & Roberta M. Milgram

272 – 287

Don't be so hard on yourself: self-compassion facilitates creative originality among self-judgmental individuals

Darya L. Zabelina & Michael D. Robinson

288 – 293

Can video games enhance creativity? Effects of emotion generated by Dance Dance Revolution

Elizabeth Hutton & S. Shyam Sundar

294 – 303

Solving and creating Raven Progressive Matrices: reasoning in well- and ill-defined problem spaces

Saskia Jaarsveld, Thomas Lachmann, Ronald Hamel & Cees van Leeuwen

304 – 319

Effect of creativity on innovation: do creativity initiatives have significant impact on innovative performance in Korean firms?

So Young Sohn & Chan Sik Jung

320 – 328

Research notes


Developmental trends of creativity: what twists of turn do boys and girls take at different grades?

Sing Lau & Ping Chung Cheung

329 – 336

Does analogical reasoning with visual clues affect novice and experienced design students' creativity?

Ebru Cubukcu, & Gozde Eksioglu Cetintahra

337 – 344



Out of the box: the origination and form in creativity

Kaoru Yamamoto

345 – 346


Subject Heading

Curriculum Perspectives

Volume 30 Number 3, 22 September 2010



A profession in transition: implications for curriculum leadership

Cheryl Sim

Twenty first century education: the creative arts and enhancing educational outcomes for boys

Laura Scholes & Michael Nagel

Is curriculum a map or a set of survival skills? Navigation and survival in the politics of pedagogy

Ian Tymms

Schools and the city: engaging middle years students in learning

Rosalyn Black, Helen Stokes & Malcolm Turnbull

Role and purpose of standards in the context of the national curriculum and assessment reform for accountability, improvement and equity in student learning

Claire Wyatt-Smith & Val Klenowski

Point and counterpoint


English in the national curriculum: viewpoints and perspectives

Bill Green

English in the national curriculum: what knowledge

Wayne Sawyer

The national curriculum in English

Lyn Tonkin & Lyn Wilkinson

The (draft) English curriculum: an early childhood perpective

Leonie Arthur

Will the Australian national curriculum up the intellectual ante in classrooms?

Allan Luke

Letter to the Editor


The Tasmanian Essential Learnings Curriculum (2000–06): some aspects of the ecology policy metaphor in analysing a failed state-wide curriculum innovation

Michael Watt

Book reviews


Curriculum, schooling and society in Hong Kong

Reviewed by Colin Marsh

Self directed learning-orientated assessment

Reviewed by Colin Marsh

The act of teaching

Reviewed by Colin Marsh

Notes for intending contributors


Membership application



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