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Tables of contents

Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy and Practice

Volume 18 Number 1, February 2011



Why do people appeal higher education grades and what can it tell us about the meaning of standards?

Jo-Anne Baird

1 – 4



Formative assessment: a critical review

Randy Elliot Bennett

5 – 25

Talking the talk: oracy demands in first year university assessment tasks

Catherine Doherty, Margaret Kettle, Lyn May et al

27 – 39

Student appeals of grades: a comparative study of university policies and practices

Vidar Gynnild

41 – 57

Using formative assessment to support complex learning in conditions of social adversity

Barbara Crossouard

59 – 72

Convergent validity evidence regarding the validity of the Chilean standards-based teacher evaluation system

Maria Verónica Santelices & Sandy Taut

73 – 93



Subject Heading

Journal of Curriculum Studies

Volume 43 Number 1, February 2011



Teacher interpretations of citizenship education: national identity, cosmopolitan ideals and political realities

Audrey Osler

1 – 24

Teaching under the new Taylorism: high-stakes testing and the standardization of the 21st century curriculum

Wayne Au

25 – 45

On literature's use(ful/less)ness: reconceptualizing the literature curriculum in the age of globalization

Suzanne S. Choo

47 – 67

The implementation of entrepreneurship education through curriculum reform in Finnish comprehensive schools

Jaana Seikkula-Leino

69 – 85

A self-study of a national curriculum maker in physical education: challenges to curriculum change

Jeongae You

87 – 108

Early literacy practices and the Finnish national core curriculum

Riitta-Liisa Korkeamäki & Mariam Jean Dreher

109 – 137



Subject Heading

Language and Education

Volume 25 Number 1, February 2011



Power and knowledge-building in teacher inquiry: negotiating interpersonal and ideational difference

David H Eddy Spicer

1 – 17

Signalling L2 centrality, maintaining L1 dominance: teacher language choice in an ethnic minority primary classroom in the Lao PDR

Angela Rose Cincotta-Segi

19 – 31

Creating an articulate classroom: examining pre-service teachers' experiences of talk

Annie Therese Fisher

33 – 47

The multimodal writing process: changing practices in contemporary classrooms

Christine Joy Edwards-Groves

49 – 64

'Tanto necesitamos de aquí como necesitamos de allá': leer juntas among Mexican transnational mothers and daughters

María Teresa de la Piedra

65 – 78

Book reviews


Classroom Discourse Analysis: A Tool for Critical Reflection, Betsy Rymes, Cresskill, NJ, Hampton Press, 2009, x + 261 pp, $28.50 (paperback), ISBN 978-1-57273-903-1

Houxiang Li

79 – 81

Towards Multilingual Education: Basque Educational Research from an International Perspective, J Cenoz, Clevedon, UK, Multilingual Matters, 2009, 271 pp, £59.95/$89.95 (hardback), ISBN 978-1-84769-193-4, £24.95/$39.95 (paperback), ISBN 978-1-84769-192-7

Ester J de Jong

82 – 84

Language Diversity in the Classroom, J Edwards, Bristol, Multilingual Matters, 2009, vii + 338 pp, £69.95/$129.95 (hardback), ISBN 978-1-84769-226-9; £29.95/$49.95 (paperback), ISBN 978-1-84769-225-2

Sabrina F Sembiante

84 – 87



Subject Heading

Teacher Development

Volume 14 Number 4, December 2010



Beginning secondary school teachers' perceptions of pupil misbehaviour in Spain

Chris Kyriacou & José Luis Ortega Martín

415 – 426

Riding on a speeding train? How teacher educators perceive teacher education

Miriam Mevorach & Hanna Ezer

427 – 445

The use of dialogue and tools to develop students' mathematical language and meta-cognition

Julie R Oxenford O'Brian, Honorine Nocon & Deanna Iceman Sands

447 – 466

The teacher study group as a space for agency in an era of accountability and compliance

Avis M Masuda

467 – 481

Resiliency to success: supporting novice urban teachers

Sarah Huisman, Nancy Robb Singer & Susan Catapano

483 – 499

The impact of disrupted and disjointed early professional development on beginning teachers

Ashley Fenwick & Douglas Weir

501 – 517

Collaborative professional development toward literacy learning in a high school through Connected Coaching

David Strahan, Martha Geitner & Michael Lodico

519 – 532

Leading professional learning in schools: emotion in action

Jane Mitchell, Philip Riley & John Loughran

533 – 547

Review article


A defense of constructivism as scientific enquiry in science education

Kirk Dorion

549 – 554

Book reviews


Chris Husbands, Jennifer E. Tomon et al

555 – 562



Subject Heading

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