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Tables of contents

Frontiers of Education in China

Volume 5 Number 4, December 2010



A narrative background to the study

Ruth Hayhoe

465 – 472

Tensions within the changing Chinese higher education system

Fengqiao Yan

473 – 476

Seeking excellence in the move to a mass system: Institutional responses of key Chinese comprehensive universities

Fang Gong and Jun Li

477 – 506

From teacher-education university to comprehensive university: Case studies of East China Normal University, Southwest University and Yanbian University

Mei Li

507 – 530

The transformation of China’s key science and technology universities in the move to mass higher education

Guangli Zhou and Qiang Zha

531 – 557

Commercial civil society: A perspective on private higher education in China

Fengqiao Yan and Jing Lin

558 – 578

Chinese cultural dynamics and childhood: Towards a new individuality for education

Guoping Zhao

579 – 595

Narrative research of female educational experiences in China

Suling Zhang

596 – 616



Subject Heading

Mathematical Thinking and Learning: An International Journal

Volume 12 Number 4, December 2010



Advanced Mathematical Knowledge in Teaching Practice: Perceptions of Secondary Mathematics Teachers

Rina Zazkis and Roza Leikin

263 – 281

Understanding the Development of Flexibility in Struggling Algebra Students

Kristie Jones Newton, Jon R Star and Kathleen Lynch

282 – 305

Mathematics Majors' Perceptions of Conviction, Validity, and Proof

Keith Weber

306 – 336



Subject Heading

Reading and Writing

Volume 24 Number 2, February 2011



Introduction to special issue on writing

Brett Miller, Victoria Molfese and Virginia Berninger

117 – 119



Reflections on the need for continued research on writing

Brett Miller and Peggy McCardle

121 – 132

Evidence of alphabetic knowledge in writing: connections to letter and word identification skills in preschool and kindergarten

Victoria J Molfese, Jennifer L Beswick, Jill L Jacobi-Vessels, et al

133 – 150

Child writers’ construction and reconstruction of single sentences and construction of multi-sentence texts: contributions of syntax and transcription to translation

Virginia W Berninger, William Nagy and Scott Beers

151 – 182

Writing development in four genres from grades three to seven: syntactic complexity and genre differentiation

Scott F Beers and William E. Nagy

183 – 202

Modeling the development of written language

Richard K Wagner, Cynthia S. Puranik, Barbara Foorman, et al

203 – 220

Concurrent and longitudinal neuropsychological contributors to written language expression in first and second grade students

Stephen R Hooper, Lara-Jeane Costa, Matthew McBee, et al

221 – 252



Subject Heading

Science Education

Volume 95 Number 1, January 2011

Research articles


Dimensions of communication in urban science education: Interactions and transactions

Christopher Emdin


– 20



Designing project-based instruction to foster generative and mechanistic understandings in genetics

Ravit Golan Duncan and Katie Ann Tseng

21 – 56

Experimental analysis of the effective components of problem-based learning

María A. Pease and Deanna Kuhn

57 – 86

Science learning in everyday life


Urban high school students' learning about HIV/AIDS in different contexts

Jennie S. Brotman, Felicia Moore Mensah and Nancy Lesko

87 – 120

Science education policy


Optimizing teacher preparation loan forgiveness programs: Variables related to perceived influence

Pey-Yan Liou and Frances Lawrenz

121 – 144

Science teacher education


Elementary teachers' pedagogical content knowledge for teaching the nature of science

Deborah L. Hanuscin, Michele H. Lee and Valarie L. Akerson

145 – 167

Issues and trends


Salvaging science literacy

Noah Feinstein

168 – 185

The books


Teaching and learning about science

David Rudge

186 – 188

The nature study movement: The forgotten popularizer of America's conservation ethic

Amrys O. Williams

188 – 190



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