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Technology, Pedagogy and Education

Volume 13 Number 1, 1st  Quarter  2005

Reshuffling the Pack of Cards?

     Avril Loveless


Negotiating Contrad(ICT)ions: teachers and students making multimedia in the secondary school

     Viv Ellis & Steve Long


The Peculiarities of Teaching Information and Communication Technology as a Subject: a study of trainee and new ICT teachers in secondary schools

     Michael Hammond


Tensions in Learning Content and Technology: the experience of education students in a web-based research project

     Ling Shi, Ken Reeder, Tammy Slater & Carolyn Kristjansson


Conditions, Processes and Consequences of Technology Use: a case study

     Kara Dawson & Walter Heinecke


Off-line Factors Contributing to Online Engagement 83 

     Clare Brett


Learning Environments in Information and Communications Technology Classrooms

     David B. Zandvliet & Barry J. Fraser



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European Journal of Education: Research, Development and Policies

Volume 39 Number 2, 1st  Quarter  2005

What Role for International Financial Institutions in Human Capital Formation?

     Eugenia Kazamaki Ottersten & Nick Jennett


Lifelong Learning and Challenges Posed to European Labour Markets

     Eugenia Kazamaki Ottersten


A Review of Instruments for Student Loans in Tertiary Education

     Olivier Debande


ICTs and the Development of eLearning in Europe: the role of the public and private sectors

     Olivier Debande


Catching the Celtic Tiger by Its Tail

     M. Luisa Ferreira & Patrick Vanhoudt


Citizenship, Identity and Social Inclusion: lessons from Northern Ireland

     Ken Wylie


Cyprus' Accession to the European Union and Educational Change: a critique

     Panayiotis Angelides & James Leigh



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Teaching Education

Volume 15 Number 4, 21 February 2005

Toward Teacher Development for the Urban in Urban Teaching

     Jeffrey M R Duncan-Andrade


Assisting Performance in Teaching and Learning

     Susan A. Colby and Terry S. Atkinson


Promoting Reflective Teaching Conversations: Framing and reframing the problem

     Brian P. Yusko


Rethinking Critical Thinking: Indigenous students studying at university

     Neil Harrison


A Constructivist Approach in the Interdisciplinary Instruction of Science and Language Arts Methods

     Michael Ledoux & Nadine McHenry



Context in Methods Course Learning: Lessons for partnership work

     Mary Beth Henning & Diane Yendol-Hoppey



Resource Reviews







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Leading and Managing: Journal of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders

Volume 10 Number 1, Summer 2005

Cultivating a Culture of Trust: Enabling School Structure, Teacher Professionalism, and Academic Press

     Jeffrey R. Geist & Wayne K. Hoy


Interaction between ICT and School Leadership

     David Gurr and David Broadbent


University student administration and Quality Improvement - a holistic approach

     Peter Shanahan & Narottam Bhindi


Successful School Principalship

     Bill Mulford & Susan Johns


Ethical leadership in the context of structural and organisational change in pastoral care

     Anthony H R Chittenden



Subject Heading

Australian VET Research Association Conference 2004

Mr Damon Anderson - Spoilt for choice? Individuals, VET markets and lifelong learning. 

Dr Jo Balatti  - How effective is action research in changing VET provider practices aimed at improving Indigenous completion rates? 

Ian Falk & Jo Balatti - Identities of place: Their power and consequences for VET.

Dr Barry Golding - The applicability of networks in Australian adult and vocational learning research.

Dr Sue Kilpatrick - Scanners, brokers and providers: Partners in developing learning programs.

Mr Kisilu M Kitainge - Is institution based training for the future in the automotive industry? What the trainees have to say.

Mr Derek Kosbab - Dispositional and Maturational Development through competency-based training interventions: Involving the Learner in the Process.

Mr Gavin Moodie - Making the learner and the teacher the heart of VET policy.

Sue O'Keefe, Brian Dollery & Lin Crase - Investigating the employees' decision to participate in VET: Methodological considerations.

Ms Ann Rice - TAFE Managers: Juggling Educational Leadership and Accountability.

Mr Ian Robertson - Metaphor, online technology and recontextualisation in teaching.

Peter Rushbrook & Edward Wanigasekera - Towards Papua New Guinea's first vocational education degree: reconciling modernism and cultural sustainability.

Dr Michele Simons & Dr Tom Stehlik - Getting connected: Professional development in online learning and flexible delivery in the VET sector.

Associate Professor Andrew Smith - From VET to HRD.

Dr Erica Smith - Political construction of skill: The effects of policy changes in entry-level training in Australia on participation rates and on the perception of ‘Skill'.

Peter J Smith & Jennifer Dalton  - Developing student agency through VET in schools: the role of structured work placements.

Dr Louise Watson  - Student Fees and charges in VET: the case for reform.


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