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British Educational Research Journal

Volume 31 Number 1,  2005

Students' perception of academic quality and approaches to studying in distance education

     John TE Richardson

Bold, reckless and adaptable? Explaining gender differences in economic thinking and attitudes

     Peter Davies, Jean Mangan and Shqiponja Tehlhaj


Learning as peripheral participation in communities of practice: A reassessment of key concepts in workplace learning

     Alison Fuller, Heather Hodkinson, Phil Hodkinson and Lorna Unwin


Teachers' estimates of candidates' grades: Curriculum 2000 Advanced Level qualifications

     Debra Dhillon


British-Chinese pupils' and parents' constructions of the value of education

     Becky Francis and Louise Archer


An unprotected species? On teachers as risky subjects

     Erica Mc William and Alison Jones






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Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching

Volume 22 Number 2, 17 March 2005

Reducing Abstraction When Learning Computability Theory

     Orit Hazzan


The Effect of Instruction with Computer Simulation as a Research Tool on Open-Ended Problem-Solving in a Spanish Classroom of 16-Year-Olds

     Jose Luis Sierra-Fernandez and F Javier Perales-Palacios


Providing Weather Satellite Images to a Classroom Using the World Wide Web (WWW)

     Mikinori Tsuchida, Hironobu Suzuki, and Tsuneya Takahashi


Using Computers to Create Constructivist Learning Environments: Impact on Pedagogy and Achievement

     Douglas Huffman, Fred Goldberg, and Michael Michlin


Intergrating Internet-based Mathematical Manipulatives Within a Learning Environment

     Caroline Crawford and Evelyn Brown









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The Journal of Educational Change

Volume 5 Number 4,  2005

Spectrum of Mentoring Relationships and New Teacher Learning: Collaboration and Complexity

     Betty Achinsen and Anthony Villar


State Testing and Inquiry-based Science: Are They Complementary or Competing Reforms?

     Joni Falk and Brian Drayton


Schooling the Citizens of Tomorrow: The Challenges for Teaching and Learning across the Global North/South Divide

     Kathryn A Riley











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Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education

Volume 36 Number 1, 18 March 2005

Children's Use of the Reference Point Strategy for Measurement Estimation

     Elana Joram, Anthony J Gabriele, Myrna Bertheau, Rochel Gelman and Kaveri Subrahmanyan


Concepts and Skills in High School Calculus: An Examination of a Special Case in Japan and the United States

     Thomas W Judson and Toshiyuki Nishimori


Progressive Mathematization of Long Division Strategies in Dutch Primary Schools

     Cornelis M van Putten, Petra A van den Brom-Snijders and Meindert Beishuizen















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