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Tables of contents

Cambridge Journal of Education

Volume 35 Number 1, March 2005

Values education in the mathematics classroom: Subjects values, educational values and one teacher's articulation of her practice

Liz Bills and Chris Husbands


Getting political and unraveling layers of gendered mathematical identifications

     Margaret Walshaw


Can scientific research answer the 'what' question of mathematics education?

     Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen


Acting is learning: focus on the construction of mathematical concepts

     Ferdinando Arzarello, Ornella Robutti and Luciana Bazzini


Beyond discourse and interaction. Variation: a critical aspect for teaching and learning mathematics

     Ulla Runesson


Rethinking the tertiary mathematics curriculum

     Peter Petocz and Anna Reid


Learning as cultural and relational: moving past some troubling dualisms

     Phil Hodkinson





















Subject Headings

Education aims and objectives
Education research

Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education

Volume 26 Number 1, May 2005

The (im)possibility of intellectual work in neoliberal regimes

     Bronwyn Davies


The construction of cultural values and beliefs in Chinese language textbooks: a critical discourse analysis

     Yongbing Liu


Deconstruction and reconstruction: diversity as a productive resource

     Hilary Janks


State-formation, teaching techniques and globalisation as aporia

     Bernadette Baker


The regualted education market has a past

     Alan Reid


A challenge to traditional theory: Critical race theory, African-American community organizers and education

     David Stovall





















Subject Headings

Educational studies
Education aims and objectives
Education policy

Journal of Education Policy

Volume 20 Number 2, March 2005

'Child panic', risk and child protection: an examination of policies from New South Wales and Queensland

     Judyth Sachs and Lise Mellor


Renovating educational identities: policy, space and urban renewal

     Kalervo N Gulson


Prolonging inequality? Education in Germany after unification

     Sebastian Arps


The anatomy of accountability

     P Taylor Webb


Beyond performativity: reflections on activist professionalism and the labour process in further education

     James Avis

























Subject Headings

Education policy
Education aims and objectives
Education research

Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice

Volume 11 Number 1, February 2005


The impact of early life history on teachers' beliefs: in-school and out-of-school experiences as learners and knowers of science

     Leigh K Smith


Mathematics anxiety, prior experience and confidence to teach mathematics among pre-service education students

     Patrick Brady and Alan Bowd


Levels in reflection: core reflection as a means to enhance professional growth

     Fred Korthagen and Angelo Vasalos


Learning to conduct teacher research: exploring the development of mediated understandings

     Cynthia H Brock, Lori Helman and Chitlada B Patchen


Developing reflective practice in student teachers: collaboration and critical partnerships

     Margaret Parsons and Maggie Stephenson






















Subject Headings

Teaching and learning
Teaching profession
Teacher training
Thought and thinking

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