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Tables of contents

Mathematics Teacher Education and Development

Volume 6 Number 1, July 2004

Study groups as a toll for enhancing preservice students' content knowledge

     Robyn Zevenbergen

The impact of full-time student teaching on preservice teachers' conceptions of mathematics teaching and learning

     Lovemore Nyaumwe


Problem solving and the intial practical and theoretical education of teachers in Spain

     Lorenzo Blanco


Professional development: mathematical content versus pedagogy

     Paul White, Michael Mitchelmore, Nicholas Branca and Michael Maxon


Design principles for teacher investigations of student work

     Michelle Chamberlin


Coaching teachers to implement mathematics reform recommendations

     Jo Olson and Jeff Barrett




















Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Mathematics teaching
Professional development

Leadership and Policy in Schools

Volume 3 Number 4, December 2004

The dark side of school leadership: implications for administrator preparations

     Joseph Blase and Jo Blase


Trust and its role in principal succession: a preliminary examination of a continuum of trust

     Robert B Macmillan, Matthew J Meyer and Shawn Northfield


The impact of age for Asian, Hispanic and Native American teacher candidates on principals' screening decisions as viewed from a social distance perspective

     I Phillip Young and Todd Oto





























Subject Headings

School leadership
Education policy

Journal of In-service Education

Volume 30 Number 3, March 2005

Developing training schools: an evaluation of the intiative

     Roy Beardsworth & Malcom Lee


Training school status and the work of an English high school

     Roger Mallows


Continuing professional development through the DfES training school programme

     David Lewis


Training schools and teacher training academy pilot projects: local leadership on Norfolk and the eastern region

     Rob Knee, Richard Cranmer & Maxine Blocksidge


Two decades of professional development school. Development in the United States. What have we learned? Where do we go from here?

 Lee Teitel


Professional development on multiple literacies in an urban professional development school

     Kathleen Faith Berg


University-school teacher education partnerships in North Carolina

     Roy Edelfelt & Charles Coble


Children and the arts: developing educational partnerships between pre-school, school and tertiary sectors

 Jeff Meiners, Wendy Schiller & Julie Orchard














Subject Headings

Teacher training
Teacher evaluation
Teachers' employment
Teaching profession
Transitions in schooling

The Australian Journal of Teacher Education

Volume 30 Number 1, February 2005

The power of collegiality in school-based professional development

     Susanne Owen (University of South Australia)


Teacher education and critical inquiry: the use of activity theory in exploring alternative understandings of language and literacy

     Brenton Doecke and Alex Kostogriz ( Monash University)


Webfolio – using electronic portfolios in preservice teacher education

  Reesa Sorin (James Cook University)


Australian teacher education: Although reviewed to the eyeballs is there evidence of significant change and where to now?

     Michael Dyson ( Monash University)





















Subject Headings

Teacher training

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