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Tables of contents

Comparative Education

Volume 41 Number 3, 18 August 2005

Culture, context and difference in comparative education


Retelling herstory: to be a female Bedouin teacher differently

     Anat Pessate-Schubert


The challenge of inclusive schooling in Africa:

a Ghanaian case study

     George J Sefa Dei


Parental contributions, school-level finances and decentralization: an analysis of Nicaraguan autonomous school budgets

     Alec Ian Gershberg and Ben Meade


Hopes and challenges for progressive educators in Japan: assessment of the 'progressive turn' in the 2002 educational reform

     Yoko Motani


Cross-national differences in participating in tertiary science, technology, engineering and mathematics education

     Annemarie van Langen and Hetty Dekkers


German and UK higher education and graduate employment: the interface between systemic tradition and graduate views

     Brenda Johnston and Lewis Elton



Subject Headings

Multicultural education
International education

International Education Journal

Volume 6 Number 3, July 2005

An institution in search of excellence: lessons learnt

     Hashim, F and Awang, H


Prudent fiscal stewardship: estimating the expected monetary value of an educational program

     Rexeisen, RJ and Sathe, RS


Analysing education production in Malaysia using canonical correlation analysis

     Ismail, NA and Cheng, AG


Information and communication technology and education: analysing the Nigerian national policy for information technology

     Yusuf, MO


The impact of state-funded higher education on neighbourhood and community in the United Arab Emirates

     Nicks-McCaleb, L


Basic trends in the development of professional higher education in Armenia

    Aslanyan, AL


Predictors of self-regulated learning in Malaysian smart schools

     Ng, LY, Kamariah, AB, Samsilah, R, Wong, SL and Puteri, Z


Transforming schools into democratic organisations: the case of the secondary schools management development project in Botswana

     Monyatsi, PP


Adaptation of an emotional intelligence scale for Turkish educators

     Cakan, M and Altun, SA


Janshala in Jharkhand: an experiment with community involvement in education

     Pailwar, VK and Mahajan, V


Vygotsky's philosophy: constructivism and its criticisms examined

     Liu, CH and Matthews, R


The role of environmental education in compulsory education: the case of mathematics textbooks in Greece

     Spiropoulou, D, Roussos, G and Voutirakis, J


Teachers and their international relocation: the effect of self-efficacy and flexibility on adjustment and outcome variables

     von Kirchenheim, C  and Richardson, W



Subject Headings

International education

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