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Games and learning: having control and having the controller

Hamish Curry
Education Manager, Learning Services, State Library of Victoria

In an age where education systems are anxious about how to merge established pedagogies with modern technology, games have emerged as a crucial piece of this challenge. There are two main spheres to consider with games in schools: the first is to understand what constitutes games-based learning, often referred to as 'GBL', and how games are designed to engage. The games literature landscape and the GBL education communities demonstrate very rich research, thoughtful teaching and valuable learning. The second sphere is to choose a course of action on how to implement games in learning spaces. The one crucial element in successfully implementing games-based learning is the teacher (or teacher librarian). Like any aspect of education, implementation requires passion, insight and perseverance. With the right framework, games can be a powerful way to support the teaching of history, science, geography, English, art, maths and physical education.


Subject Headings

Teaching and learning
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)