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New publications

Designing Learning for Diverse Classrooms

Paul Dufficy
This book outlines ways to develop curriculum material on literacy which is accessible and inviting for all students. The author uses recent developments in learning theory to form a series of guiding principles for inclusive learning. These theoretical principles have been developed in practice, with classroom examples detailed throughout the book. The author addresses individual tasks through to whole-class learning experiences. The first three chapters discuss children's learning prior to school with an emphasis on their sociocultural and linguistic experiences, and explain recent theoretical developments. Chapter four focuses on the role of talk in class. The final chapters offer suggestions for interactive tasks design, with a focus on learning sequences and literacy learning. See also publisher's description.

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Learning ability

Curriculum Controversies: Point and Counterpoint 1980–2005

Colin Marsh
A range of contemporary and historical papers are brought together from various curriculum professionals, as featured in Curriculum Perspectives, the Australian Curriculum Studies Association's quarterly journal. The papers cover debates that have helped to shape education in Australia over the past 25 years. Chapters cover curriculum theory, curriculum development nationally and at other levels, equity issues, technology and change, curriculum control and decision makers. (Adapted from publisher's description (access via home page) and review by Garry McLean)

Subject Headings

Education policy
Curriculum studies
Education aims and objectives

The New Teacher Book

Kelley Dawson Salas, Rita Tenorio, Stephanie Walters, Dale Weiss, Leon Lynn
Rethinking Schools, based in the USA, is a nonprofit organisation 'firmly committed to equity and to the vision that public education is central to the creation of a humane, caring, multiracial democracy'. In this book, new and experienced teachers provide advice for beginning teachers. They offer suggestions to help new teachers establish support systems, set up classrooms, work within the curriculum, find resources, manage homework and assessment, organise students and develop successful student–teacher relationships. Other aspects of the profession, such as balancing needs, planning, dealing with high workloads, and teacher unions, are also outlined. The book encourages a social justice approach to teaching, with pieces addressing racism, sexism and the teaching of controversial issues. (Adapted from publisher's description)

Subject Headings

Teaching and learning
Teaching profession
Social justice
Teacher-student relationships
United States of America (USA)

Resilient School Leaders: Strategies for Turning Adversity into Achievement

Jerry Patterson, Paul Kelleher
The authors provide advice on how to maintain a positive attitude, identify and use personal strengths, and develop strategies to maintain confidence and guide school teams during challenging times. They draw on a diverse research base in psychology, sociology of organisations, organisational development and their own careers in education, as well as interviews with 25 people who are leaders in education or other fields. (Adapted from publisher's description and online Introduction. Selected chapters are available free online.)

Subject Headings

School leadership
School principals

Students in Trouble: Schools can Help before Failure

William L. Fibkins
School administrators, counsellors, teachers and support staff are faced daily with a growing number of students who are affected by personal issues, alienation, and the anonymity found in large secondary schools. The author outlines ways that school leaders, teachers and support staff can work alongside counsellors to develop a school-wide intervention system which meets every student's needs. Attention is given to identifying and monitoring students in trouble. One high school's intervention system, developed after a crisis, is described. See publisher's description and online readings from the text.

Subject Headings

Secondary education
Crisis management
Social welfare

Investigating the Links between Teacher Professional Development and Student Learning Outcomes

Lawrence C Ingvarson, Marion Meiers
This report, in two volumes, describes an investigation of the links between teacher professional development and student learning outcomes. The study, funded by the Australian Government, provides a review of relevant research literature and national and international initiatives. It provides detailed case studies of the school-based trials of ten professional development programs. It also examines the repeated measures of student achievement from students in the classes of teachers in the school-based trials. Analysis and discussion of a common questionnaire completed by teachers in the school-based trials is provided. Suggestions are made for a method that could be used by the Australian Government to assess the impact of professional development programs. (From publisher's description)

Subject Headings

Teacher-student relationships
Professional development