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New publications

Less Is More: a Practical Guide to Weeding School Library Collections

Donna J Baumbach, Linda L Miller

This book outlines the why and how of weeding a school library collection. The first chapter explains the importance of weeding school library collections, while another chapter counters excuses for not weeding. Traditional weeding models such as CREW and MUSTIE are explained, along with advice on how to start and finish the weeding process. The main body of the book outlines specific guidelines for weeding 71 selected topic areas. Each topic is treated in the same format, with guidelines for weeding the area, specific reasons why the area should be weeded, related Dewey numbers to check, and tips for replacing titles. The authors offer suggestions on how to use the library automation system to help weeding, and also discuss future developments in school library technologies. The final chapter of the book deals with how to dispose of weeded items, maintain an up-to-date catalogue record and select new material to replace weeded items. The book also includes a list of Internet resources. While written for a USA audience, the guidelines are relevant to school library staff in other locations. (Adapted from review by Renate Beilharz, SCIS in Synergy, vol 4, no 2, 2006.)


Subject Headings

Library resources
School libraries

Engaged Learning with Emerging Technologies

Myint Swe Khine, D. Hung
Springer,  2006

Written for researchers, educators, students, industry and science academics, IT professionals and instructional designers, this book aims to discuss current theories, models and promising examples of engaged learning with emerging technologies. Contributions come from academics around the world. Advice for practitioners covers modeling, providing authentic experiences, engaging students using intuitive interfaces, the notion of students as co-developers of learning resources and engagement through online assessment. Other contributions cover the science learning and ICT, education in the knowledge era and developing a vision for technology in education. A framework for engaging students through ICT is also provided. (Adapted form the publisher's description.)


Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Educational innovations
Teaching profession
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Teachers Who Change Lives

Andrew Metcalfe, Anne Game

Two Australian educators aim to cast new light on the processes of teaching and learning. The authors argue that outstanding teachers do not mould students by pushing them towards the achievement of externally based measurements of excellence (eg the 'perfect TER score or bust' model), but rather encourage them to reach their full potential by teaching them to follow their passions and interests. The book includes a series of interviews with well-known Australians such as Stephanie Alexander, Dawn Casey, Greg Chappell, Betty Churcher, Helen Garner, Shane Gould and Michael Kirby, who discuss the significant classroom experiences and influential teachers that have helped shape their futures. (Adapted from publisher's description.)


Subject Headings

Teaching profession
Teaching and learning

Practical Statistics for Educators, Third Edition

Ruth Ravid

This book aims to serve as a resource for educators who need to conduct research. Chapter titles include Basic concepts in statistics; Organizing and graphing data; Measures of central tendency; Measures of variability; The normal curve and standard scores; Interpreting test scores; Correlation; Prediction and regression; T test; Analysis of variance; Chi square test; Reliability; Validity; Planning and conducting research studies; and Choosing the right statistical tests. The third edition includes an expanded index, and a revised glossary, and a workbook for practising and applying statistical concepts.  (Adapted from the publisher's description.)


Subject Headings

Education research

Developing Leadership: Creating the Schools of Tomorrow

Martin Coles, Geoff Southworth
McGraw-Hill Open UP, July 2006

Contributors explore a range of ideas that emerged from An International Future: Learning from Best Practice Worldwide, an international conference organised by the National College for School Leadership. Key ideas include the creation of professional learning communities; distributed leadership; strategic thinking about ICT; sustainability; internship; and mentoring and coaching. Other topics include leadership succession planning; distributed leadership; developing leadership for schools facing challenging circumstances; beginning leadership; and leadership for 'e-confident' schools. (Adapted from the publisher's description.)


Subject Headings

School leadership

A Practical Guide to Teaching Modern Foreign Languages in the Secondary School

Ana Redondo, Norbert Pachler
Routledge, October 2006

The book aims to support pre-service and practising teachers in their early professional development. Divided into three sections, it covers key pedagogical issues and planning, developing key skills, knowledge and understanding and 'broadening your perspective'. Teaching is rapidly becoming a more research and evidence-informed profession and the materials in this book are specifically designed to support developments in the pedagogical) knowledge base of teaching. (Adapted from publisher's description.)


Subject Headings

Teacher training
Teaching and learning