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New publications

Activating the Desire to Learn

Bob Sullo
ASCD,  2007
Using research on internal motivation, the book presents strategies for improving student engagement, behaviour and achievement in the classroom. The author describes how schools can engage students by meeting five essential needs: to connect, to be competent, to make choices, to 'have fun' and to be safe. Case studies and conversations between students, teachers, school leaders and counsellors are used to explain how to assess and activate motivation. Primary, middle and high-school students are covered separately. (Adapted from publisher's description.)

Subject Headings


Teaching Values


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The Connected Library: A Handbook for Engaging Users

Suzette Boyd
Utopia Press,  2006
Guidance for the development or revision of school library programs is presented in this book. Each chapter proposes objectives and questions to encourage thinking, and provides background information and tips for planning new initiatives. The book suggests ways to survey stakeholders, identify critical needs and plan services. It also covers strategic planning, marketing and promotion, library evaluation, reading programs and the development of a library homepage. Strategies to help library staff become more influential in schools are described. Further reading, information sources and an appendix with procedure documents and position descriptions for librarians and teacher librarians are included. (Adapted from review by Helen Reynolds in Access June 2007, p. 37.)

Subject Headings

School libraries

Reading Enriches Learning Collections

Various contributing authors
The Reading Enriches Learning website features two new collections of student texts for history and values education, with free online activities and assessment ideas. Selected titles and activities are designed to develop engaged reading and support literacy learning in Years 2–4 and Years 5–8. Online activities for the values collection aim to develop students’ understanding of the nine values for Australian schooling: care and compassion; freedom; fair go; doing your best; honesty and trustworthiness; integrity; respect; responsibility; and understanding, tolerance and inclusion. Fiction and non-fiction titles are included in the history collection, including Children’s Book Award winners The Silver Donkey and Once. Individual and small group activities are suggested, focusing on responding to text elements such as plot, setting, character and language; responding to images; building historical understanding; developing research skills and historical language; and making connections between the past and present. Other collections of texts on humour, responsibility and identity are also available. (Available from Curriculum Corporation.)

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Values education

Parents, Carers and Schools

Ofsted, July 2007

This report, based on a recent survey of British schools, explores how schools involve parents and carers in education. Although all schools surveyed valued carers’ involvement, those with strong leadership, that identified specific ways to involve parents, and evaluated parental involvement were found to be most effective in creating school–family partnerships. Effective schools held regular parent–teacher meetings to discuss children’s progress and suggested ways for parents to assist at home. Finding out about parents’ skills and involving them in the classroom also proved valuable, and helped parents gain insight into learning in turn. Involving grandparents and extended family was shown to improve children's attitudes and achievement. Leading schools involved ethnic minorities through the use of interpreters, translators and community representatives. (Adapted from report.)


Subject Headings

Great Britain
School and community
Parent and child
Parent and teacher

Performance-Based Pay for Teachers: an Issues Paper


The potential benefits and disadvantages of using teacher performance-based pay are identified, along with key issues for implementing such a system into Australia. Prepared at the request of the Australian Primary Principals Association (APPA), this paper focuses on implications for primary schools. The report begins by considering the concept of performance-based pay in the industry generally, and more specifically for schools. The historical and current use of performance- based pay within schools in Australia, Britain, the USA and New Zealand is explored. Potential issues for implementation covered include impact on the quality of teaching and learning, practical and structural issues, and the feasibility and desirability of performance-based pay. (Adapted from report.)


Subject Headings

Teachers' employment
Teaching profession

Second Language Processing: an Analysis of Theory, Problems and Possible Solutions

James F  Lee, Alessandro G Benati
Continuum,  2007
This book, written for researchers in second language processing, explores the common problems facing learners in the second language classroom. Using the theoretical perspectives of processing instruction (structured input) and enhanced input, the book explores specific processing problems, such as the difficulty of connecting second language grammatical forms, encoding tense and mood and ensuring noun–adjective agreement. The author uses studies of Japanese, Italian, Spanish and other languages to suggest practical solutions for the processing problems discussed. (Adapted from publisher's description.)

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Language and languages