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New publications

An Exceptional Schooling Outcomes Project (AESOP)

In New South Wales, 38 high performing secondary school faculties have been examined through the AESOP research study. The study investigated how staff worked together and the means available to support students. A collection of books outlining best practice in English, ESL/literacy, maths, science, school leadership, equity and student welfare programs have been published as a result. Undertaken by the University of New England, the University of Western Sydney and the Department of Education and Training New South Wales, the report of the study notes the importance of highly qualified, experienced staff; team collaboration; high expectations for all students; and maximising students' time on tasks. Strong parent and student support for teachers was a common element among the schools, along with the use of assessment to improve strategies and standards. The books can be ordered from eContent Management Pty Ltd. (Summarised from article by Ben Wyld in Side by Side No13, October 2007, p1.)

Subject Headings

School and community
Secondary education
Teacher evaluation
School administration
New South Wales (NSW)

Another School is Possible

Terry Wrigley
Tentham Books,  2006
Education in today’s world should help students make sense of current issues such as globalisation, climate change, famine and war, and also help them understand how they can create change. The book makes a case for the transformation of schooling, supported by international case studies. Chapter topics include 'full-spectrum surveillance'; 'dividing communities, privatising schools'; 'standardised schools, excluded students'; '"literacy"' is just not good enough'; and 'what should citizenship classes really look like?'. See publisher's description and  also review in the Times Educational Supplement (TES).

Subject Headings

Teaching and learning
Economic trends
Education aims and objectives
Education management
Education philosophy

INCA Comparative Tables

Regularly updated, the INCA Comparative Tables provide a brief overview of key issues in education from countries across the world. Countries covered include Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Britain, the United States and various European nations. The issues discussed include general characteristics of education, levels of control and administrative organisation, national education aims and recent reforms. Schools and students are considered in terms of structures, participation, progression and access, the curriculum, national assessment and school textbook control and supply. The tables also review steps to becoming a teacher, teacher training for special education, recruitment incentives and the administration of teacher training. (Adapted from publisher's outline.)

Subject Headings

School administration
Education policy
Education management
Education and state

Tests That Teach: Using Standardised Tests to Improve Instruction

Karen Tankersley
ASCD,  2007
The book suggests ways to develop standardised tests that engage students in meaningful classroom learning and develop independent thinking. Using examples from language arts, science, social studies and math, the author describes how to structure questions and use strategies such as word lists, games, discussion topics and varied assessment formats to help students develop higher order thinking skills. The skills and knowledge students need to do well are considered, and supporting lesson ideas, teaching strategies and learning activities suggested. (Adapted from publisher's description).

Subject Headings

Thought and thinking

100 Ideas for Teaching Mathematics

Mike Ollerton
Continuum Books, September 2005

Ideas for teaching secondary maths are presented, sourced from a range of publications, the author's own and his colleagues' experiences. The activities and hints suggested may be especially useful for trainee or newly practicing teachers. Between eight and 24 ideas are explained in each chapter. Topics include number; algebra and graphs; working with large numbers; data handling; maths and the imagination; and puzzles to help students measure up. The mathematical concepts explored include simple addition; networks; scale factors; Fibonacci; tangrams; coordinates; circles and tangents; symmetry; graphing quadratics; trigonometry and two-dimensional shapes. (Adapted from review in The Australian Mathematics Teacher Vol63 No2 2007, p17-18. See also publisher's description.)

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Mathematics teaching

Learning for Themselves

Jeni Wilson, Kath Murdoch
This book and accompanying CD-ROM focus on developing students’ capacity to manage themselves as learners, and build the transferable skills necessary in the world beyond school. Examples and templates describe strategies and structures for developing students’ abilities to manage themselves and work independently, and can be related to a wide range of school settings. The support materials show how to address student learning preferences, thinking and goal setting, and also use independent inquiries in the classroom. Adapted from publisher's description.

Subject Headings

Teaching and learning