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New publications

Focus on Inquiry: A Practical Approach to Curriculum Planning

Jeni Wilson, Lesley Wing Jan
Curriculum Press, June 2009

Focus on Inquiry covers ways to plan and assess inquiry-based units in the K–7 classroom. This new edition builds on current research into learning and pedagogy, the authors’ continued experiences, and the renewed interest in inquiry as a way to facilitate student learning. It provides short classroom snapshots and in-depth sample units illustrating 'the what and the how' of each different type of inquiry. New material on assessment, planning and questioning is supplemented with practical lists, photocopiable resources and activities. The title, available from June, can now be pre-ordered. For details see publisher's description.


Subject Headings

Teaching and learning
Primary education
Project based learning
Inquiry based learning

Themes from the Curriculum Implementation Case Studies

Rosemary Hipkins, Bronwen Cowie, Sally Boyd, Clive McGee

Eight themes arising from the results of a two-year study of 'early-adopter' schools working toward implementing the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) are outlined in this report. Based on trends drawn from case study data, the identified themes, seen as integral to current and future efforts toward curriculum implementation, include schools' interpretation of the NZC, methods of professional development, the importance of principal leadership to school success, the time needed for curriculum implementation, the engagement of parents and community, and the move to an integrated and inquiry-based curriculum. View report.


Subject Headings

Curriculum studies
Curriculum planning
New Zealand

TIMSS 07: Taking a Closer Look at Mathematics and Science in Australia

Sue Thomson, Nicole Wernert, Catherine Underwood, Marina Nicholas
ACER, April 2009

The results from the 2007 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) are outlined in this report, which looks at the achievement levels of Year 8 students from 49 countries, and Year 4 students from 36 countries. Year 4 Australian students performed above average in both Mathematics and Science, and Year 8 students performed above average for Mathematics, and at average levels for Science. However, Australian students failed to perform at the level of students from Asian countries, and the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous student performance has increased. View report.

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Education research
Aboriginal students

From High School to the Future: Making Hard Work Pay Off

Melissa Roderick, Jenny Nagaoka, Vanessa Coca, Eliza Moeller

The report expands on previous research into the development of support structures for Chicago's high achieving students. It analyses the academic results and study paths of top performing high school graduates. The report looks at the programs and qualifications of these graduates, and at mismatches between these students' credentials and their subsequent tertiary placements. Appendixes include detailed data on students' demographics, program and school achievement indicators, and students' preferred versus actual tertiary institutions. Full text is available online.


Subject Headings

Secondary education
Gifted children
Tertiary education
United States of America (USA)
Transitions in schooling

Department of Education and Children’s Services Annual Report, South Australia

Department of Education and Children's Services 
DECS,  2009

The achievements and performance of the Department of Education and Children's Services, South Australia, for 2008 are outlined in this report, which contains details of the Department's forthcoming strategic plans, including an Indigenous strategy, and key focus areas. Performance relating to topics including access to learning, engagement and wellbeing, strong beginnings for children, and quality teaching are included, as are detailed statistics relating to education and early childhood services. View report.


Subject Headings

South Australia
Educational administration
Educational evaluation
Educational planning
Education policy

Renaissance Schools Fund-Supported Schools: Early Outcomes, Challenges, and Opportunities

Viki M. Young, Daniel C. Humphrey, Haiwen Wang, et al.

The Chicago Renaissance 2010 program, which aims to create 100 new schools by 2010, is the focus of this report, which analyses and documents the early outcomes and implementation issues of the first 23 schools created under the project. Student demographic and achievement data are used to outline the backgrounds of students attending these schools and their learning outcomes. Practices such as data-driven decision making, building teacher capacity, parental engagement, and moves toward instructional improvement are covered. View report.


Subject Headings

Educational planning
Education policy
State schools
United States of America (USA)