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New publications

An Educational Psychology of Classroom Management: Best Professional Practices in the Multicultural Classroom

Christopher Thao Vang
Peter Lang,  2013

This book presents 'approaches to teacher preparation and discusses the nature of classroom management'. From publisher's description. The chapter titles are: Contemporary challenges to becoming a teacher, Student teachers' fieldwork experience, Building on educational foundations, Approaches to classroom management, Approaches to classroom discipline, Managing a positive psychosocial environment, Understanding the daily classroom structure, The inclusive multicultural classroom, Establishing classroom management strategies, Best professional practices, Developing strategic management action plans, and Helpful tips for the first few years.


Subject Headings

Behavioural problems
Behaviour management
Classroom management

Critical Literacy in English Literature

Priya Parmar, Hindi Krinsky
Peter Lang,  2013

'Critical Literacy in English Literature argues for the inclusive practice of studying, implementing, and interpreting alternative texts and other materials using innovative pedagogies such as critical pedagogy and critical literacy when teaching high school English literature. The authors provide pedagogical suggestions, activities, and ideas that teachers can take and adapt to their own unique classroom dynamics. The authors also provide sample lesson plans in which a critical literacy lens is applied to novels commonly taught in the high school English classroom while also introducing the reader to non-mainstream and alternative texts.' From synopsis. The book is Volume 2 in the series Critical Praxis and Curriculum Guides.

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Secondary education
Teaching and learning

The Learning Curve: Education and Skills for Life

Maria Helena Guimarães  de Castro, Eric A. Hanushek, et al.
Pearson,  2014

'This report, published by Pearson and written by The Economist Intelligence Unit, is part of a wide-ranging program of quantitative and qualitative analysis, entitled The Learning Curve. It seeks to distil some of the major lessons on the links between education and skill development, retention and use.' From publisher's description page. 'Making sure people are taught the right skills early in their childhood is much more effective than trying to improve skills in adulthood.' From report summary. Full report is available for download.


Subject Headings

Retention rates in schools

School Funding on a Budget

Jennifer Buckingham

'Expenditure on schools has risen faster than student numbers over several decades, with the result that per student expenditure has also grown substantially, even after adjusting for inflation ... This report describes historical and recent trends in government funding for schools. It then analyses funding patterns and cost-drivers, and lastly identifies areas for reform and savings to create a more efficient and effective school sector.' From Introduction, part of full report online. See also article in the Sydney Morning Herald 29 April, video report on ABC News 30 April, and opinion article in the Canberra Times, also 30 April 2014.


Subject Headings

Educational evaluation
Education policy
Education finance

The Broken Compass: Parental Involvement with Children's Education

Keith Robinson, Angel L Harris
Harvard University Press, January 2014

'It seems like common sense that children do better when parents are actively involved in their schooling. But how well does the evidence stack up? The Broken Compass puts this question to the test in the most thorough scientific investigation to date of how parents across socioeconomic and ethnic groups contribute to the academic performance of K–12 children. The study's surprising discovery is that no clear connection exists between parental involvement and improved student performance.' From publisher's description. See also authors' article in the New York Times 12 April 2014.


Subject Headings

Parent and child
Ethnic groups
Social classes
Socially disadvantaged

SmartStart: Creating New Contexts for Learning in the 21st Century

Nicola Yelland

'This report presents the findings from the second phase of a project that was designed to explore the ways in which tablet technologies can be used to extend learning in early childhood settings.' From executive summary, part of the full report online.


Subject Headings

Educational evaluation
Mobile devices
Early childhood education