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New publications

Expenditure on Education and Training in Australia: Analysis and Background Paper

This paper describes expenditure across schools, VET and higher education at both state/territory and Commonwealth level. The ABS data used in the analysis captures expenditure through each education system. This paper also examines real government recurrent spending per student, based on the administrative data from the separate sectors. From Overview, part of the full report online. Published as analysis and background paper No. 01/2014, Mitchell Institute.


Subject Headings

VET (Vocational Education and Training)
Tertiary education
Secondary education
Primary education
Education finance

Studies and Global Perspectives of Second Language Teaching and Learning

John Schwieter, Editor 

This book explores theories and pedagogies in the L2 classroom that have led to an understanding of how non-native languages are taught and learned. Featuring a diverse set of perspectives from researchers and language educators from around the globe, this book highlights important theoretical and practical underpinnings of the L2 classroom—discussions on what has worked and why. Some examples of these topics include: online and nonverbal communication, peace literacy, learning behaviors, high-impact practices, pragmatic awareness, study abroad, and implicit and explicit teaching. From publisher's description.

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Language and languages
Educational planning
Educational evaluation
Teaching and learning

Exploring the School Leadership Landscape: Changing Demands, Changing Realities

Peter Earley
Bloomsbury, October 2013

'In a rapidly changing educational climate, leadership is more crucial than ever to school performance. Internal capacity and effective partnerships are essential to navigate through change and meet the ever-growing and changing demands of stakeholders, including policy-makers and the children served by our schools. Drawing on a wealth of evidence, Exploring the School Leadership Landscape critically considers the ways in which school leadership and its practice have evolved, exploring what has changed and what has remained over the last decade.' From publisher's description.


Subject Headings

Educational evaluation
School leadership

Education, Work and Identity: Themes and Perspectives

Mike Tomlinson
Bloomsbury,  2013

Education, Work and Identity explores changing patterns of education and work, the dynamic relationship between these two institutions, and the wider social and economic contexts shaping them. It locates this in processes of social and economic change, in particular the shift towards globalization and the post-industrial economy. The book examines how these changes have reshaped individuals' educational, transitional and labour market experiences. It also explores key themes and approaches in understanding the education and labour market interplay, and the way in which education and work institutions shape people's orientations and identities around work. From publisher's description.


Subject Headings


Using Data to Improve Learning: A Practical Guide for Busy Teachers

Anthony Shaddock
ACER,  2014

Using Data to Improve Learning offers ways for teachers to incorporate data, collected by themselves and others, into day-to-day teaching. See publisher's description. See also review in ISQ Briefings July 2014.


Subject Headings

Teaching and learning

Charter School Performance in California

Ron Zimmer, et al.
CREDO, February 2014

'The California report provides an in-depth examination of the results for charter schools in California.' From publisher's description. The full report is available online. See also abstract and summary prepared by the Rand Corporation.


Subject Headings

Educational evaluation
United States of America (USA)