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New publications

Disputing the Subject of Sex: Sexuality and Public School Controversies

Cris Mayo
This book aims to illustrate how discussions of sexuality and schooling can be simultaneously polarising and democratising. Disputing the Subject of Sex considers controversies over sex, AIDS and gay-inclusive multicultural education, exploring the social aims of public schools and the relation between schools and the public they serve. These controversies help to show the kind of discourses, policy decisions and student resistances that are born of arguments over sexuality and community membership. This book uses case studies, interviews and analysis of curricular texts to help readers understand how power dynamics play out in educational controversies, and how they can guide us to new ideas about students' abilities to learn and relate ethically to one another about the subject of sex. (Adapted from publisher's description)

Subject Headings

Sex education
School culture
School and community
Case studies

Enacting Participatory Development: Theatre-based Techniques

Julie McCarthy, Karla Galvao
James and James/Earthscan, October 2004
Theatre can play a significant role in addressing issues of power in social, political and cultural relationships, acting as a catalyst for personal and societal change. Enacting Participation advocates the use of theatre in participatory development as a way for groups to discover their own goals and aspirations, and to develop strategies for improving their circumstance based on need and experience. This book presents over 130 exercises designed to be used at various stages of participatory workshops. They range from initial ice-breakers and warm ups to exercises dealing with conflict resolution, power relations, and issue-based work and project evaluation. Each exercise is explained with accompanying commentaries from field practitioners. The book aims to contextualise theatre for development practice within current debates on empowerment and participation, and presents case studies illustrating the diverse contexts in which theatre for development can be used. (Adapted from publisher's description)

Key Learning Areas

The Arts

Subject Headings

Arts in education

Trends in Teenage Talk: Corpus Compilation, Analysis and Findings

Anna-Brita Stenstrom, Gisle Andersen, Ingrid Kristine Hasund
John Benjamins, June 2002
The language teenagers use has not yet been given the attention in linguistic research that it merits. The dearth of investigations into teenage language is due in part to under-representation in language collections. Through the Bergen Corpus of London Teenage Language (COLT), a large corpus of teenage language has become available for research. Trends in Teenage Talk describes how the COLT corpus was collected and processed, and includes insight into what the COLT teenagers talk about and how they do it. This book devotes several chapters to the most prominent features of the teenagers’ talk: ‘slanguage’, how reported speech is manifested, a survey of non-standard grammatical features, the use of intensifiers, tags, and interactional behaviour in terms of conflict talk. (Adapted from publisher's description)

Subject Headings

Language and languages
Child development
Case studies

Modernising Education in Britain and China: Comparative Perspectives on Excellence and Social Inclusion

Patricia Potts
RoutledgeFalmer, February 2003
In spite of the perceived differences between Eastern and Western culture and society, the education systems of Britain and China can be seen to share certain goals, priorities and challenges. Modernisation is very much a core objective for educators in both countries. Both education systems must confront the tension between promoting social inclusion and achieving competitive academic excellence. Based upon the author's teaching experience and over a decade's research into inclusion and exclusion in Britain, China and Hong Kong, this book provides a perspective on inclusive educational reform in two different cultures. It examines a range of educational environments, from kindergartens to teacher training colleges, and draws upon official and personal documentary sources. The book also addresses issues of language and communication; gender imbalances and inequalities; curriculums for teacher education; critical questioning; and frameworks for learning support. (Adapted from publisher's description)

Subject Headings

Great Britain
Education policy
Social life and customs

A Forecast of E-book Use in America's Schools

Tammy McGraw, Krista Burdette, Virginia Scale
Scarecrow Press, June 2002

Survey information from 100 school districts in the USA highlights present and projected use of e-books in education. The information was gathered by the Institute for the Advancement of Emerging Technology in Education (IAETE). Survey questions were intended to provide insight into the knowledge and beliefs of staff influential in selecting textbooks. A Forecast of E-Book Use in America's Schools provides the context for the survey, an overview of current e-book formats and development issues, analyses of the responses, and implications for action. It includes information on respondents' priorities for selecting texts, levels of satisfaction with current textbooks, perceived benefits of electronic media, barriers to the use of electronic media, and plans for using electronic texts. The findings show that, while purchasers remain generally comfortable with printed texts and appreciate publishers' efforts to match content to standards, states and districts are moving toward including electronic media in their buying decisions. (Adapted from publisher's description)


Subject Headings

Electronic publishing
School libraries
United States of America (USA)

Australia's Future Using Education Technology

Department of Education Science and Training
Commonwealth of Australia, November 2005

This report is based on national consultations undertaken for the Australia's Future Using Education Technology Review held from July to November 2003. The review revealed a great diversity of innovative initiatives as well as parallel and duplicated activity. Views about the future varied across education and training sectors, and there were great differences in perceptions and performance. The starkest differences were those between the high aspirations of central planners and the reality in the field, particularly in remote Australia and in Indigenous communities. The review also revealed that ICT in education is at the point where the promise of better outcomes for students and real cost benefits are now achievable with minimal costs. (Adapated from publishers description)


Subject Headings

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Computer-based training
Electronic publishing