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New publications

Primary Pathways: An Integrated Approach to Drug Education

Emily Chen
Written by a primary school teacher, this book offers resources for early, middle and upper primary teachers. It describes activities that have been trialled in schools, along with supporting information and a list of further references. The discussion of drug education is linked to issues such as self esteem, identity, responsibility, building resilience and problem solving. Techniques for involving school communities are also covered, with Drug Information in Schools pamphlets included for distribution to parents. See the ADF clearing house for further information.

Subject Headings

Primary education
Resilience (Psychology)
Drug education

Teaching, Learning and Motivation in a Multicultural Context

Rumjahn Hoosain, Farideh Salili
Volume three in a series on multicultural education, this book presents a collection of essays and research discussions that focus on current research and emerging issues. The introduction discusses recent school reforms and gives a general outline of the nature of learning within a multicultural context. The three sections describe theoretical and methodological perspectives, multicultural perspectives on teaching and teacher education, and success and failure in multicultural settings. A variety of international contexts are covered.

Subject Headings

Multicultural education

A Practical Guide to Mentoring, Coaching and Peer Networking: Teacher Professional Development in Schools and Colleges

Geoff Hampton, Michael Stokes, Christopher Rhodes
Routledge Falmer, 15 July 2004
Written for teachers, other school staff and professional development officers, this book emphasises the role of peer learning and support within workplaces and learning communities. A series of nine chapters encourage reader reflection and offer strategies for creating coaching and mentoring programs. The book also outlines the nature and importance of professional development, leadership and leadership coaching. Other chapters cover the role of the coach, mentor and networker and the benefits and difficulties associated with mentoring programs. (Adapted from publisher's description)

Subject Headings

Teaching and learning
Professional development

We Boost Achievement!

David Loertscher, Ross Todd

School library services aim to make a difference in the life of staff and students and to actively shape learning processes. This book offers a range of strategies for school library staff to improve and demonstrate the value of their services, and have a greater impact on student achievement. Ideas  are presented for working collaboratively with teachers in designing and delivering lessons, improving reading and information literacy skills and improving the use of technology, along with advice on how to report evidence of improvements effectively. See review in Connections Term 3, 2005 by Liz McLaren, Information Manager, Reservoir District Secondary College.


Subject Headings

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
School libraries

Problem Solving for Tomorrow's World

How well prepared are young adults to solve the problems that they will encounter in life beyond school, in order to fulfil their goals in work, as citizens and in further learning? For some of life’s challenges, they will need to draw on knowledge and skills learned in particular parts of the school curriculum – for example, how to recognise and solve a mathematics-related problem. Problem Solving for Today's World looks at other problems less obviously linked to school knowledge, that often require students to deal with unfamiliar situations by thinking flexibly and pragmatically. (Adapted from the publisher's description.)

Subject Headings

Inquiry based learning
Thought and thinking
Curriculum planning

Reality Bytes: Information Literacy for Independent Learning

Susan La Marca, Mary Manning
This book promotes the creation of more effective learning environments through the integration of ICT and inquiry-based learning across all key learning areas. It is written for teachers of the middle and later years, and for teacher-librarians. Two sections outline theory and a practical 'reality check'. Contributions to the theory section include research on adolescent information seeking behaviour, nurturing higher order thinking and an argument for updated information literacy teaching practices in line with today's digital environment. The 'reality check' section of the book includes chapters on school intranets, inquiry-based learning, effective searching, selecting websites, Web Quests, hotlists, online reference services, plagiarism, online research formats, gathering evidence, rubrics and assessment, professional development and online information literacy sources. Techniques, tools and examples of learning opportunities are also detailed. (Adapted from publisher's description)

Subject Headings

Secondary education
Middle schooling
Professional development
Information literacy
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)