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New publications

Childhoods in Context

Martin Woodhead, Janet Maybin
John Wiley & Sons, April 2003

The second volume in a new series written for those studying early childhood, education, sociology, psychology, anthropology and cultural studies, this book explores everyday influences, such as family, schooling and work on children and young people. Issues from the contemporary context are discussed, such as changing family patterns, child labour and the transition from child to adult. The Open University co-published this title and uses the text in its teaching. (Adapted from publisher's description)


Subject Headings

Child development

Literacy and Schooling: Towards Renewal in Primary Education Policy

Kathy Hall
Ashgate Publishing, November 2004

Written for academics, primary education professionals and those interested in politics, this book discusses the impact of English educational reform on primary education and literacy. The author analyses government responses to issues such as globalisation, teacher education and children's learning. Recommendations for future policies are made, based on a evidence and opinion from a range of sources. Chapters include outstanding literacy teachers; literacy, schooling and society; monologic to dialogic classrooms; and future prospects for education. (Adapated from publisher's description)


Subject Headings

Great Britain
Education policy
Primary education
Teacher training

Five Habits of High-Impact School Boards

Doug Eadie
This US book explores five key behavioural traits which can make a marked difference in a school board's management outcomes and board–principal relationships. The five traits are governing as the primary focus, developing capacity to govern, leading strategic change, maintaining a healthy board–principal partnership, and reaching a wider community. The book is designed to assist school board members, principals and senior administrators with decisions related to vision, values, long-term goals, revenue generation and budget. (Adapted from publisher's description)

Subject Headings

United States of America (USA)
School councils
School leadership
Education management

Gender in Policy and Practice: Perspectives on Single Sex and Coeducational Schooling

Amanda Datnow, Lea Hubbard
Routledge Falmer, August 2002

These essays discuss how school shapes, and is shaped by, the social and historical construction of gender. A focus is placed on single sex schooling, examining the educational experiences of men and women from K–12, higher education, private and public schools in the USA. Canadian and Australian examples are also mentioned. Authors look at the data and assumptions behind single sex schooling, public versus private single sex schools, transition to coeducational contexts, participation and results in science, maths and drama as well as notions of masculinity and femininity. (Adapted from publisher's description)


Subject Headings

Boys' education
Girls' education
United States of America (USA)

Creating a Learning Environment: An Educational Leader's Guide to Managing School Culture

John M Brucato
John Brucato draws on his experience as a school administrator to present this guide to creating positive school environments. Designed for school leaders and administrators, readers are taken through a three-step process for assessing school culture and implementing change, with a focus on meeting the needs of a variety of stakeholders. Assessing the school environment is the first step outlined, followed by instruction on how to understand and evaluate the variables affecting this environment and identify desired improvements. A third section outlines change strategies and includes detail on utilising teachers, students and support staff. Practical examples of situations and processes are described within each section, while appendixes deal with issues such as discipline and difficult parents and teachers. (Adapted from publisher's description)

Subject Headings

School culture

Computers, Curriculum and Cultural Change: An Introduction for Teachers (2nd Edn)

Gary N. McCloskey, Arlene Brett, Eugene F. Provenzo Jnr

This US book is designed to introduce students to the theoretical, conceptual and practical knowledge required for using computers in their education. Broadly, the author focuses on the ways in which computers have redefined today's society and the work of schools, and provides a practical guide to using computers to increase efficiency and productivity and to enhance intelligence within the curriculum. Teaching pedagogies and case studies are outlined, such as reflective practice, computing timelines and filmographies. Students are guided through activities to develop basic computer skills. The activities are supported by a website, text-linked glossary of computer terms, and links to other educational sites. The second edition features an additional chapter on creating an electronic portfolio, with activities based on the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards.(Adapted from publisher's description)


Subject Headings

United States of America (USA)
Curriculum planning
Computer-based training
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)