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New publications

Schooling Issues Digest

Department of Education Science and Training
DEST,  2005
The Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) is publishing a series of brief reports titled Schooling Issues Digests, which summarise existing research material on selected topics relevant to schooling in Australia. The purpose of the Digests is to provide reports on the results of recent international and national research on selected topics, in a non-technical manner. Each Digest summarises a range of detailed research and statistical data. Topics in the series include information on school infrastructure, information and communication technology for teaching and learning, school effectiveness, and performance of Australian school students in international studies in science. The most recent title is on students with learning difficulties in literacy and numeracy. (Adapted from publisher's description)

Subject Headings

Teaching and learning
Education research
Educational evaluation

The State and the Politics of Knowledge

Michael Apple
Routledge Falmer, March 2003
Established and emerging scholars discuss the ways in which political institutions, including educational systems, regulate knowledge and legitimate certain versions of culture. Designed to provide a critical analysis of policies and practices in the USA, the authors also review the effectiveness of social movements. Topics include the state and the politics of knowledge; education and the formation of conservative movements; the state, cultural struggles, and changing the school; Social Democratic progressivism in Scandinavia; restructuring education in Sweden and Norway in the 1990s; and a citizenship school project in Brazil. (Adapted from the publisher's description)

Subject Headings

Social justice
Social life and customs
Science teaching
Educational evaluation
Education philosophy
Education and state
Civics education
Education policy
United States of America (USA)

Enhancing your Child's Behaviour: A Step by Step Guide for Parents and Teachers

Robert Evert Cimera
This book explains methods for improving the behaviour of children, both with and without disabilities. A step-by-step process is outlined for parents and teachers to nominate inappropriate behaviours, with strategies for improvement offered. A journal for recording personal thoughts is provided to assist readers in developing a behaviour modification plan. (Adapted from publisher's description)

Subject Headings

Behaviour management

Excellence, Equity and Efficiency: How Principals and Policymakers can Survive the Triangle of Tension

Robert Hess
Scarecrow Education, March 2005
This title covers the conflict between achieving excellence, equity and efficiency in US schools. The author, a practising principal, suggests a 'Quality School Improvement' (QSI) framework for overcoming this conflict, and offers recommendations for school leaders to meet accountability and continuous improvement demands. Examples of the struggles faced by various principals, and strategies for overcoming such struggles, are used to illustrate the framework outlined. Specific chapters on developing, implementing and creating policy to support a QSI framework are also included. (Adapted from publisher's description)

Subject Headings

School and community
Schools finance
School leadership
School principals

Teaching 4 to 8 Year Olds: Literacy, Maths, Multiculturalism and Classroom Community

Carolee Howes
This book discusses the thinking and learning processes of children between four and eight years. A selection of writers use research and examples to suggest appropriate teaching practices across literacy, mathematics, multiculturalism and the classroom community. The book is organised to provide theory and practice chapters for each area. The literacy section covers the development of phonological awareness, and improving both enthusiasm for and comprehension in reading. Data display, patterns and relating maths to everyday experiences in and out of the classroom are outlined in the mathematics section. Becoming aware of and accepting diversity in culture and family structure is the focus of the multicultural section, while making friends, resolving conflict and student–teacher relationships is covered in classroom community. Advice on teaching English language learners, assessment and readiness for school is also offered.

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Mathematics teaching

Urban Education: A Reference Handbook

Dale E. Adams, Kathy L. Adams
ABC-CLIO, November 2003

Providing an overview of perspectives from the late 19th century to the present day, this book discusses social, political, legal and economic outcomes for urban schools in the USA. Teaching, curriculum and assessment issues, as well as the variation in achievement between suburban and urban schools, is addressed. The authors take a critical stance on areas of contention such as funding, student poverty, racial and ethnic confrontation and teacher education. (Adapted from publisher's description)


Subject Headings

Curriculum planning
Socially disadvantaged
Teacher training
United States of America (USA)